A Fine Mess

Plot hole: The whole premise of the movie makes zero sense. Spence finds out that a certain race is rigged, but he is caught eavesdropping, so the goons are after him. They don't catch him and then the day after they stalk the betting counter looking for him. He then enlists the help of his friend Dennis to distract the goons so he can place the bet. But the villains are completely unaware about Dennis' existence! He could simply walk in and do the bet himself. He even is the guy with the money. No reason at all is given why Dennis does not place the bet himself, cash in, and walk away. Other than the fact that the movie would be done in 20 minutes and with not much of a payoff.

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Plot hole: The police never visited Dennis and he has no criminal record, so there is no reason why they should have his fingerprints on file. (01:04:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Dennis's girlfriend goes to see him at the godfather's house, her car is seen parked directly in front of the house, where the godfather's car was just parked moments ago. (01:18:55)


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Suggested correction: Well, yes and no, or rather "no and maybe." The godfather's car was parked far enough from the stairs for another car to park closer, between Pazzo's car and house. And it's what happens here. However I do think there could be a continuity issue with one of the exterior shots when Pazzo's car seems to have been moved quite a bit off position compared to before. The mistake could be there but not as big as it appears to be (I kinda find it hard to judge due to the angle by how much really the car is off position, even, since it's a significantly different one from before).

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