Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
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Critical Bill: My new motto: Fuck the head.

Baby Sinister: The fact of the matter is by the year 2000 every city will be black. Thanks to the fax, the modem, conference call, federal-fking express, the beast will be able to conduct his business from his home in the white suburb leaving the city a great wide warzone full of nuclear brothers.
Rooster: That's what I'm saying man, the fax, modem, FTD.
Baby Sinister: What the fk you talking about, FTD?
Rooster: You got to have flowers in the warzone, Baby.

Easy Wind: Franchise, my brother from another mother.

The Man With The Plan: Be gone Jimmy... Fuckin' gone.

Critical Bill: I am Godzilla! You are Japan.

Easy Wind: Remember when you was a kid and you would spend the whole year waiting for summer vacation and when it finally came it would fly by just like that? It's funny, Jimmy, life has a way of flying by faster than any old summer vacation really fucking does.

Critical Bill: I been wantin' to apologize to you, Jimmy, about that... what happened out on the highway the other night? You know, man, I just... Well, I kinda lost my shit out there, ya know? But, damn, Jimmy, it was kind of irresponsible of you to put me out on point in the first place, ya know? When you think about it, it really was sorta your fault. I mean, everybody knows... I'm out of my tits.

The Man With The Plan: One day you're saving the rainforest, the next, you're chugging cock. Am I wrong?

The Man With The Plan: She's a 10, Jimmy. She's a world unto herself. She can't nurse worth shit, but I keep her on, because even though I can't feel it, I know I get erections in her presence.

The Man With The Plan: She's a ten. Jimmy, she's a planet unto herself. She can't nurse worth shit, but I keep her on 'cause... although I can't feel it, I know I have erections in her presence.

70 Year Old Man: Life is like a mustard burp, momentarily tangy and then forgotten in the air.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy The Saint brings the cop to the "Man With The Plan" he starts yelling and one of the henchman raises his hand to Jimmy to stay calm and then he puts his hand down. The camera angle changes to a shot from the back and the henchman still has his hand up and Jimmy is saying his next line.


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