Rugrats Go Wild!
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Spike: I am Spike. Full name: Down, Spike, down! Get off that couch.

Spike: Could you give a dog a little warning? I'm trying to do my business here.
Eliza: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Spike: You know, it's funny. For a minute there, I thought I actually heard you talking to me. You talking to me? Are you talking to me?
Eliza: Yeah, I can talk to animals. It's a long story.

Spike: Hey, chimp boy. Will you stop worrying? I know all about cats with a capital "K." Sit on a window sill, hack up a fur ball... Oh! That is very ferocious.
Eliza: Spike, this isn't your regular housecat.
Spike: They all twitch their whiskers one whisker at a time, just like you and me.

Spike: I ate one of Chuckie's diapers once and, let me tell you, that is spicy.

Continuity mistake: When Angelica is first in the Thornberry's camper, she pushes a red button that opens the door to the machine that lets them travel underwater. When she comes back later to get it, she flips a silver switch instead of the red button.


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