Audio problem: Near the middle of the movie, in the scene when Van Damme's friend Joshua is taking Helene money, you see that the military police have set up a surveillance across the street. They show the policeman's point of view as he is looking through binoculars. You can hear Joshua spray breath freshener into his mouth. The window is closed and they are too far away to hear this on a busy street.


Continuity mistake: During Lyon's last fight with Attila. Right after he tells Joshua "wrong bet", Joshua is all over the place. He starts out on all fours. Next thing he's gone, then he's by the tent door, then he's back on all fours, then on his knees clapping. Every-time you see a close up of him cheering you can tell he's still on all fours. (01:10:00 - 01:20:00)

Continuity mistake: Near the middle. In the fight scene between Van Damme and the Scotsman, Van Damme gets poked in the left eye. He then gets thrown onto a parked car. As he gets up he is now grabbing his right eye instead of the left one that just got poked.


Joshua: The whole bet is on Atilla.
Lyon: Wrong bet.

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