Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

The Lunch Lady/Special Ed. teacher (Shari Oteri) has the special ed. kids make a float to enter in the parade so the principal (Eugene Levy) can prove to the superintendent that he created a special ed. class and the school can get money. That is all a hoax so the principal and lunch lady can run off and buy a condo in Maui. Harry and Lloyd decide to make a replica float of the principal and they stupidly use a tape for a voice of the principal which they found in the office eariler while breaking in. The tape had incriminating evidence and they play it at the parade in front of everybody. The Lunch lady and the principal are arrested. Harry and Lloyd saved the day with out knowing it.


Revealing mistake: When we see the slow motion replays of Harry and Lloyd colliding, you can see that Lloyd's tooth doesn't touch Harry's head. In fact, their heads completely miss each other.

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Store Clerk: Enough! You're it! And no touch backs, no do overs, no erasies, and this whole store is home free!
Harry: Lloyd, can he do that?
Lloyd: Oh yeah Harry. He can. He did. And now...it's on like Donkey Kong. Pay the man.
Harry: Pay the man.


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Trivia: In the end, we see Lloyd and Harry turn down the Felcher twins. Freda Felcher was mentioned in the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd and Harry were in the hot tub. Harry was explaining why he was not with her anymore and then we find out at the end of the film that Lloyd hooked up with her.

T Poston

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Question: As Lloyd and Harry follow Jessica and Principal Collins with a shopping cart, what explodes at the Big A convenience store? (01:06:00)

Answer: Because Harry and Lloyd had poured gasoline all over the car as well as let the pump keep running when they left. So when the hot ash of the store clerk's cigarette hit the gas fumes, it caused the explosion.


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