Hulk (2003)


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Continuity mistake: The hole in the car windshield changes size from when the Hulk throws the dog through it to when it's shown the next morning.


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Harper: Bruce! Big day. Did you sleep? I didn't sleep.
Bruce Banner: Slept okay. Is Betty here?
Harper: She's around. I really got to say, seeing you in that styling headwear.
Bruce Banner: You're implying something about my helmet?
Harper: You look like a massive nerd, even around other scientists. Can just I ask? Were you wearing the helmet while she dumped you?
Bruce Banner: See? It protects my very important brain, Harper. Go prep the samples.

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Trivia: All of the Hulks movements, from running to fighting, were done by the director, Ang Lee, wearing a motion capture suit.

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Question: There are two scenes in the movie when the Hulk talks. Who did the voice for this?

Answer: That is an altered version of Eric Bana's voice.

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