Hulk (2003)


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F-22 Pilot: I think I can come back around for a gun attack.
Ross: Acquire a clear target, fire at will.

Security Guard: As far as I'm concerned, security ought to be beefed - Good morning, Dr. Krenzler! Security ought to be beefed up a lot more. In a place like this, you can't be too careful.

Bruce Banner: You know what scares me the most? When it happens, when it comes over me... and I totally lose control, I like it.

Bruce Banner: Listen to your father and take your medicines, okay?

Father: Dogs! Go! Go get her! And let nothing stand in your way! Go!

Aide: General?
Ross: Come in.
Aide: Talbot wanted you to see this, sir. It's about a lab Atheon is targeting for acquisition and removal to desert base.
Ross: Why isn't it going through N.S.C.?
Aide: It, uh, concerns your daughter, sir.

Father: And don't worry about the dogs. You'll be fine... just don't look 'em in the eyes.

Young David Banner: What's it gonna be? Oh, look at that, Bruce. Huh? Want a dinosaur? Come on, let's have a little fight. Come on. Rrrr, you don't scare me. That's a delicious eyeball. Oh, you're big and green and scary. I'm gonna run away.

Ross: Tango Flight, do you have eyes on the target?
Comanche Pilot: Tango One, I have him in the rocks.
Ross: Salvo all. Turn it into a parking lot.
Comanche Pilot: T-bolt, your parking lot is ready. We're bingo for fuel and ammo. R.T.B.

Ross: You are cleared to fire on target, Legend.

Ross: Gentlemen, release.
F-22 Pilot: Gamma charge away.

Tank Commander: Driver, stop. Driver, stop. Gunner, traverse left! Traverse left!

Young Ross: The samples we found in your lab, they were human blood. You've ignored protocol.
Young David Banner: You had no right snooping around in my lab. That's my business.
Young Ross: Wrong, Banner. It's government business and you're off the project.

Young David Banner: There's simply no way to shield against every weaponized agent. Instead, I can make super immune systems by strengthening the human cellular response.
Young Ross: Banner, I know where you're going, but manipulating the immune system is dangerous and stupid. The President's science advisors made it absolutely clear: no human subjects.

Betty Ross: Bruce, you were going to die. And I was standing there, helpless, knowing you were going to die.

Bruce Banner: You want to go to the review board on Monday and tell them we have developed a brand new method for exploding frogs?
Betty Ross: I think there's a market for it. I mean, what if there's a plague?
Bruce Banner: What have you had, Betty, like one beer?
Betty Ross: I'm... I'm just saying... frogs start falling from the sky... who do they come to? We'll be world renowned.

Young David Banner: Sweet dreams.

Father: We're going to have to watch that temper of yours.

Father: How little you understand, Miss Ross. And how dangerous your ignorance has become.
Betty Ross: I'm sorry?
Father: Don't be sorry. My son is... unique. That's why you can't relate to him. And because he is unique, the world will not tolerate his existence. Will they? But you - you try. Don't you?

Ross: Okay, you've got him now. Take him on a ride to the top of the world. Let's see what the thin air will do for him.

Continuity mistake: When Bruce first turns into the Hulk, his wallet is seen coming out of his back pocket. When it lands on the floor it is in front of him.

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Trivia: All of the Hulks movements, from running to fighting, were done by the director, Ang Lee, wearing a motion capture suit.

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Answer: There are varying interpretations of Bruce's memory in the comics. The most common one is that Bruce has vague memories of what happens while he is the Hulk (i.e. fear, hunger, images), but because the Hulk's brain is less "evolved" he can't remember specific information, like where he went or what he did. The converse is also true: The Hulk has vague memories of Bruce's life as well...he recognizes people that Bruce knows but doesn't know anything about them.

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