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Continuity mistake: In the first scene with Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford, where they are at the club's murder scene, Josh's hair is first swept over his forehead, and then, the next shot shows it's not. Then a few shots later, it is over his forehead again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the car chase, the mustang gets dented and scratched many times, during the chase the scratches and dents appear and disappear. For example the front bumper is almost falling off but then in the next shot it looks brand new.

Revealing mistake: In the sequence in which Antoine Sartain throws a flare to set fire to the car with the two dead bodies, you can see it hit the floor from the left, but the fire comes from a complete different angle. (00:22:50)

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene of the car chase, when Josh Hartnett is driving the van with the family in it; right before they crash against the wall (in a side angle shot) you can see that the kids in the van are actually stuntmen, because they look a lot bigger than children.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Josh is driving the minivan with the family in it, there is a shot showing the full van and all of its passengers through the windshield. You can see an adult male on the passenger side back seat next to the kids. Josh drove away without the father getting in... who is the male in the back seat?

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Harrison Ford is chasing Isaiah Washington through the building (at the beginning of the chase), Ford climbs out a window and then falls back into a multi-paned window which breaks. As he is getting up, if you look at the top pane of glass (still intact) you can see dents and such making it quite obvious that the glass was fake.

Continuity mistake: After they crash the mustang, a gunfight breaks out. Harrison Ford opens his door and fires one or two rounds - after that the slide of his gun locks back, showing it's empty. The angle then changes, and he carries on shooting with no problems. No time for him to reload. (01:28:25)

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Other mistake: When Gavilan is leaving the building after his first interview with Sartain, he passes a memorial wreath with pictures of H20Klick's members. The banner reads "In Memorium" which is a misspelling. It should read "In Memoriam".


Continuity mistake: When Harrison Ford is called regarding the nightclub shooting, he is waiting to show a house in the bright daylight. He says he will be to the scene in minutes, and when he gets there it is nighttime.

Plot hole: Calden would almost certainly not be allowed into the autopsy room without some protection: a facemask, goggles, gloves. Not only to protect from errant bodily fluids (as we saw) but also to protect from any infectious diseases those fluids (or any escaping gasses) might carry. Also, he runs the risk of contaminating the evidence.

Continuity mistake: When Gavilan hands Sartain his real estate business card by mistake, he replaces it with his LAPD business card, and slips it exactly in the center between Sartain's fingers. When the shot changes, the business card has moved to the very end of his fingers without him having moved his hand.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Josh Hartnett is at the forensic department, he gets all wet with blood. He then gets a towel and in the next shot, you can see that he is already clean, before he starts cleaning his hand. So, why is he cleaning his hand anyway?

Continuity mistake: After Harrison Ford has thrown the guy off the roof and into the dumpster he meets up with Josh Harnett in the alley and his shirt is soaked in sweat completely around his neck. A few shots later the shirt is totally dry as he is sitting down with Josh.

Continuity mistake: During the alley chase scene with Gavilan and Calden in the Mustang and Sartain and Wasley in the SUV, the shot of the SUV driving by some garbage cans is used twice.

Continuity mistake: When Harrison and Josh are in the Mustang in the final chase scene, Harrison's seat belt is on then off throughout the entire scene.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene, where all the cops are getting ready for the target practice, you can see that they walk forward (away from those wooden "bars"), however in the next shot, you see that they are back in between of their respective "bars".

Continuity mistake: When the Mustang is chasing the SUV, there is a shot where a Thunderbird and a Taurus (among other cars) crash. A few shots later, we can see those same two cars on the streets various times.

Continuity mistake: When the repo men are taking Joe's car, the driver and the passenger get in. Immediately following, Joe and K.C. are speaking and the passenger gets into the car again.

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Continuity mistake: When Gavilan stops the repo men who took his car, he orders the one on the driver's side to get out, walk in front of the car, and get down on the ground. A shot shows that guy doing this, and then the next shot shows him doing it again from a different angle.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Harrison Ford shows up at Josh Harnett's yoga class, at the end when everyone is leaving, Shanna kisses Josh on the left side of his face by his mouth. In the far away shots (over Harrison Ford's shoulder), the lipstick mark is there, however in close up shots it is gone.

Van Family Son: I don't wanna die.
K.C.: You're not gonna die okay?

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Trivia: When Harrison Ford is walking through the old guy's mansion, there is a shot of them walking down a hallway. This is the same shot (and house for that matter) that was used in the movie Fletch when he was talking about how Hopalong Cassidy used to live in that house. The front of the house with the fountain in the middle of the circle driveway is also recognizable.

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