Glengarry Glen Ross
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Visible crew/equipment: When Levene is describing his big sale to Roma, Levene takes off his jacket. When he does the boom microphone is visible above. (01:01:50)

Glengarry Glen Ross mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Levene says he will promise it will be OK, he uses his right hand's index finger to hang up the telephone, but in the next shot his middle finger is used. (00:03:00)

Glengarry Glen Ross mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Roma and Aaronow are discussing the cops and who broke in last night, Aaronow's left hand changes position several times during shots and camera angles, from his mouth then down on his lap. (00:54:00)


Visible crew/equipment: A boom mike is briefly reflected in the office window when Lemmon and Spacey are arguing in the closed office. (00:25:45)

William Bergquist
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Williamson: You've got a big mouth... now I'm gonna show you an even bigger one.

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Trivia: Though Alec Baldwin's character never introduces himself, in the script his name is Blake.

Allister Cooper, 2011
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