Crash (1996)

3 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When James gets involved in his first car crash, his car goes out of control and just swerves past the first oncoming car, then he starts to swerve towards the side railings, but in the next shot, the car starts to swerve towards the railings again just before it hits the oncoming car.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the girl gets shot, when she opens the gate to save her father, her mother goes behind her. In the shot where we see the mother running, the gate is closed. But in the next shot, where the girl is outside running, the gate is still open. Same happens just after the girl gets shot and we see the mother screaming. The gate is closed again, but in the next shot we see how the gate is closing slowly.

Continuity mistake: When James first meet Helen and Vaughn in the hospital, Helen starts to walk away while Vaughn is examining James' scars. You can see that Helen is almost at the other end of the corridor but when Vaughn finishes examining James, he walks towards Helen who is only a few meters in front of him.

James Ballard: Do you see Kennedy's assassination as a special kind of car crash?
Vaughan: The case could be made.

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