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Jack Carter: You drink coffee?
Doreen Carter: Yeah... I smoke too.
Jack Carter: I don't know if that's worth bragging about, do you?
Doreen Carter: Oh? You smoke.
Jack Carter: Well I did, but I just recently quit.
Doreen Carter: Oh, yeah? When?
Jack Carter: Oh, I'd say about... now. So if you don't mind...?

Doreen Carter: So what do you do like for work?
Jack Carter: What did your Father tell you?
Doreen Carter: He didn't.
Jack Carter: That's good.
Doreen Carter: Mom said you were a gambler.
Jack Carter: Isn't that illegal?
Doreen Carter: Are you a bookie?
Jack Carter: Bookie? No, more like... like a financial adjuster.

Jack Carter: You should finish what you start.
Cyrus Paice: Yeah, shit I think you should fix your tie there.

Doreen Carter: You are so freaky.
Jack Carter: Well, we're all a little freaky, Doreen. It's those straight ones you've got to worry about.

Doreen Carter: You ever shoot anybody?
Jack Carter: You want to know what I do for a living? It's simple. People make promises and they break them. My job's to refresh their memories. That's about it. No big deal.

Cliff Brumby: Getting yourself killed won't bring Richie back. Revenge doesn't work.
Jack Carter: Sure it does.

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