Wrong Turn

Question: There is a scene where Chris and the other three discover the cannibals' cabin. When they hesitate to enter the house, Carly tells the others that she needs to pee. Then her boyfriend, Scott says to her "Well, l need to remind you of a little movie called Deliverance." Well, what does Scott signify there? I've never seen the movie.


Chosen answer: Deliverance (1972) was about a group of canoeists who are attacked, raped, and murdered by a group of deranged, inbred hillbillies. Scott is implying the cabin looks like a place where those sort of people might live. Http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068473/.

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Question: Is this 'Wrong Turn' series based on some true events or it is just a fiction? If true events, what are they?

Answer: Just fiction. Based, if anything, on mere urban legend.

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Question: There is a scene where Chris desperately prevents the cannibals from coming up into the watchtower. After a while, there is a silence. Then Carly radios for help in fear saying "Hello? Hello? ls anybody there? Can you hear us? Hello?" And then suddenly the radio moves quickly. It looked like psychic phenomenon. What was it?


Chosen answer: It was the cannibals. They had realised the trio were in the watch tower and yanked the cable to disable the radio to prevent them getting help.


Question: When the survivors are in the cabin, it shows the smoke die down and a chilling noise can be heard. What is the purpose of this?

Answer: I'm just speculating here, but I think it was to try to show us that the inhabitants didn't plan on being away from their cabin for long. They used "just enough" fuel on their stove, so the smoke dissipating was a way of telling the viewers "This is around the time they were planning to be back". A bit like when using a slow cooker, you set it to go off around the time you'll be home from work.

Question: Why did Chris insist on the group stealing the cannibals' truck? Wouldn't it have made more sense to hide out somewhere until they leave, then try to get one of the other cars running? Looks like most of them only had flat tires, could have taken 1 tire off 4 cars to get one functioning car. I doubt very much they drained the fuel out of them, older ones could have been hotwired and if they had flat batteries, nothing a bump start couldn't solve.

Answer: Whilst hiding and waiting for them to leave would have been better in the short term, there was no guarantee that any of the cars were runners. This was potentially the only opportunity they had to secure a running vehicle. Plus, even if by some miracle they did manage to get one of those cars started. The mutants could have chased them down, run them off the road etc. with their truck.

Answer: They were planning to try to get one of the cars started. Chris says "Maybe one of them still runs, look for keys". But of course the cannibals turn up, meaning they don't have time to look for a working car.

Answer: How long would it take you to change four tires? Now how long would it take you if you had no tools, if you didn't have the key to the trunk to get the jack, if you had to do it under the cover of dark, and if anyone found you, you'd be killed?

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Question: What is the significance of that guy at the gas station, as he closes the door on the cannibals' truck, is he one of the inbred family or what?

Answer: The chosen answer is incorrect. In part 2, the old man turns out to be one of them. He tells Dale, you killed my boy! The 3 cannibals are his sons.

Answer: Both answers are correct. In the first movie, it isn't clear what the old man's relationship to them is, but is implied they leave him alone in exchange for leading people to them. In the second movie, its established that he is their father. However, if you're going by the first movie alone, he does appear to be afraid of them, which is why he shuts the garage door when he sees their truck approaching.

Answer: He is frightened of them, which is why he hides when they go by. He allows unwary travelers to encounter the crazies as a means of protecting himself. So, they leave him alone in return. But, apparently, it doesn't do much to dissuade his fear.

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Answer: This is hard to understand. In the first movie he is scared of them. In the second movie and its sequels and prequels he is helping them and caring for them.

Continuity mistake: When Chris talks to the cop and then the cop gets shot with an arrow, Chris runs into the truck and the man shoots another arrow. So altogether he shoots two times. The first one is in the cop's eye, so how come when he shoots the second through the truck window, there are now two arrows there, not one. He only fired two arrows and we see three. (01:04:20)


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Scott: Okay, who lives here?
Carly: I don't know, but can you help me find the bathroom?
Scott: Baby, I think this is the bathroom.

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