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Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the film, as Jeremy Sisto walks down the road, he's wearing a flower necklace in the scene before his girlfriend has picked the flower for him. In the subsequent scene when she picks it, he's not wearing it.

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Continuity mistake: When Chris is hiding under the bed with Eliza Dushku, after the mountain-men drops the corpse, we see blood flowing towards the left hand, that is under the Chris's chin. In the next shot, the hand is the right one and after that it is the left one again. (00:31:49)

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Continuity mistake: When Rich and Hailey are rock climbing, Rich reaches the top and is then killed and blood drops onto Hailey's face. It is in droplets, then Hailey wipes it, so it smears across her face, then it changes to a droplets again, then to smears, and the location, shape and size of the drop/smears differs too. (00:02:10)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Scott falls after getting hit by the three arrows, you can clearly see a long tube leading all the way up his leg which pumps the fake blood up to his shirt. (00:41:25)

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Plot hole: The fearless trio is in the watch tower when the hillbillies set fire to it. Realizing their fate if they stay, the three then jump out the window and onto nearby tree branches in order to escape the blaze. After escaping the towering inferno, it seems that the fire dies immediately. These three don't go far after jumping and are in the trees for some time. Shouldn't there be a great glow and lots of noise and smoke from the fire as the watch tower burns down? (00:53:45 - 00:56:00)

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Evan: Okay, you guys go, and we'll just stay here, Francine and.
Scott: And get high.
Evan: Yeah... so?

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Question: There is a scene where Chris and the other three discover the cannibals' cabin. When they hesitate to enter the house, Carly tells the others that she needs to pee. Then her boyfriend, Scott says to her "Well, l need to remind you of a little movie called Deliverance." Well, what does Scott signify there? I've never seen the movie.


Chosen answer: Deliverance (1972) was about a group of canoeists who are attacked, raped, and murdered by a group of deranged, inbred hillbillies. Scott is implying the cabin looks like a place where those sort of people might live. Http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068473/.

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