Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II (1992)

17 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: When the kids are burying Gus, his supposedly dead face flinches when they shovel dirt on him.

Continuity mistake: Right after the bully has been killed by the motorcycle, in the wide shot, everything from his forehead to his chest is a totally mangled, disgusting mess. A little while later, though, in the close-up, his face, although bloody, is completely intact and recognisable.


Continuity mistake: When Gus goes back to Clyde's dead body, he rolls him in the body bag and you see Clyde's one eye shut. But when he zippers up the bag Clyde's eye is open.

Revealing mistake: When Gus is putting the kid in the body bag, there is a close up of the kids' faces. Just as Gus is zipping the bag shut the dead kid blinks.

Continuity mistake: When Clyde is with his motorcycle in the woods with Jeff, he is seen putting Jeff's bike wheel to his face. If you look in the background Clyde's motorcycle moves to different positions without anyone touching it.

Continuity mistake: When Chase goes inside Gus's house, there is a sign near the door that says "Rabbits For Sale." But when Chase leaves the entrance the sign is gone.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Gus, Drew and Jeff are sitting at the dinner table, when Gus drops the beans they show a close up of him. In that shot look in the background and you can see a spotlight.

Revealing mistake: When Chase is turning Marjorie's body you can see that the actress is breathing.

Plot hole: The rule is Each buries his own as stated in the first movie. So Gus wouldn't have came back to life because he was buried by Drew and Jeff.

Continuity mistake: Chase only has time to put one bullet in the gun and he shoots Gus in the head. Next shot he walks out the door. Next shot, he goes back in and shoots 3 more times.


Continuity mistake: In the end scene where Chase is driving to his house he stops his car nearly close to the front stairway. In the next shot the position of his car differs. It is not so close.

Factual error: "You bury your own." If Clyde was buried by Gus, why did he come back to life?

Factual error: When Gus brings Renee's body over to Jeff, notice her feet. Shes been dead for a while yet her skin is normal color as if she was alive.


Continuity mistake: In the funeral scene, when the reverend tells everyone to bow their heads, in the far shot Chase has his hands at his side, in the next shot his hand's on Jeff's shoulder.


Continuity mistake: The Indian Burial Ground is all covered in gravel, but in the scene where Jeff is getting ready to bury Renee's body, the ground is all grass when we see her tombstone, then a few shots later, the ground turns back to gravel.


Revealing mistake: When Drew is carrying Zowie to bury him, you can tell its a fake stuffed dog.

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Trivia: Originally Stephen King's name was included with the opening credits; but after seeing a rough cut of the film, he hated it so much he demanded that his name by taken off the film, and all advertisements.

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