The Quiet American
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Hinh: Sooner or later, Mr. Fowler, one has to take sides, if one is to remain human.

Thomas Fowler: I have never thought of myself as a correspondent, just a reporter. I offer no point of view, I take no action, I don't get involved. I just report what I see.
Alden Pyle: But you must have an opinion.
Thomas Fowler: Even an opinion is a form of action.

Thomas Fowler: If I lost her, for me, it would be the beginning of death.

Alden Pyle: Have you had a lot of women, Thomas?
Thomas Fowler: You start out by being promiscuous and end up like your grandfather... faithful to one woman.

Continuity mistake: When Pyle comes to Fowler's place on the night of his assassination his dog leaves a footprint in the uncured concrete in the hallway where some tiling work hasn't been finished yet. In close-up the line of tiles at the border has a step that wasn't there before. (01:12:45)


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Trivia: The officer speaking French is true to historical facts: it was mainly the French Foreign Legion fighting in Indochina at the time. However, the troops were predominantly of German origin (ex Wehrmacht and SS soldiers) and there is no detectable German accent in their French. True, this could be a fully French unit, thus no mistake. In live movies and interviews from the time, German accents in French are common.


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