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Corrected entry: When Nikita is escaping from the restaurant's kitchen she dives through a laundry hatch. However, the person in the red backless dress that actually jumps through the hatch is a very broad and muscular man.

Correction: I have watched this scene frame by frame and during this part it is always the same female figure as Nikita dives down the chute - no broad, muscular man.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: When Nikita and Victor are escaping from the embassy and drive through a brick wall, there's no way any car would be sturdy enough to do this, especially without leaving a mark on it.

Correction: Brick/Block walls are designed to accept a compressive load, but are not particularly good at dealing with a dynamic load perpendicular to the flat surface (unless the brick is a facade in front of a reinforced solid concrete wall). I saw a film yesterday of a car driving through a cinder-block wall with no apparent damage to the plastic bumper and little more than a cracked windshield to show for it. I have also worked on demolition crews for garages and houses. It does not take much pressure from the side to collapse a brick wall.

Kevin Hall

Corrected entry: During training, when Nikita use the Beretta pistol she shoots 7 times. When we see the target, it has more than 7 holes in it.


Correction: The pistol she uses is actually Beretta m93R wich fires burst shots. The actual ammount she fires is 21 (7x3) shots to the target. If you listen to the fire sound, it's definitely a burst, not a single shot.

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