The Emperor's Club

Sedgewick Bell once again cheats on the Mr. Julius Caesar competition (the rematch) and Mr. Hundert notices; Hundert (again) asks Bell a question that's not in the index cards, Bell doesn't know the answer and Deepak wins; Bell announces to everyone present that he will run for senator. Mr. Hundert once again keeps quiet about Bell cheating and confesses to Martin Blythe that he gave his spot on the Caesar competition to Bell years ago. Hundert tries to teach Sedgewick Bell one last lesson but Bell says that he doesn't care about Hundert's principles and virtues and that he doesn't care if he needs to cheat in order to achieve his goals. Deepak, Massoudi and other former students honor Mr. Hundert with a plaque and a toast. Hundert leaves the Bell estate and narrates that he failed to mold Sedgewick Bell's character but he did inspire the other students. Hundert continues to teach at St. Benedict and Martin Blythe's son is one of Hundert's new students.


Continuity mistake: During the first Mr. Julius Caesar quiz, Hundert is wearing a ring on his ring finger on the left hand. When the shot changes to show his hands adjusting the cards, there is no ring on that finger. You can even see the indentation on the finger where the ring should be. (00:57:05)

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William Hundert: Sir, it's my job to mold your son, and I think if.
Senator Bell: Mold him? Jesus God in Heaven, son. You're not gonna mold my boy. Your job is to teach my son. You teach him his times tables. Teach him why the world is round. Teach him who killed who and when and where. That is your job. You, sir, will not mold my son. I will mold him.

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