A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark (1964)

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Other mistake: Subtitle (English) appears to be incorrect: "He is setting the scions of criminal investigations back 1000 years" should be "He is setting the science of criminal investigations back 1000 years." "Scions" is a description of the branches of a tree. (01:11:00)


Continuity mistake: During the interview with Maria, her headscarf disappears from Inspector Clouseau's desk. (00:34:28)


Factual error: Inspector Clouseau's watch may be broken but Hercule's doesn't keep very good time either. They synchonise watches at 7:47. 18 seconds later, Hercule says he has 7:47 and 23 seconds. (01:28:14)


Continuity mistake: When Clouseau is explaining how Maria got a bump on the head the yellow cushion on the sofa changes position. (01:33:57)


Continuity mistake: During the interview with Maria, the Inspector's pants are torn when removing her file with a key on a chain, the Inspector's shirttail is exposed. When he walks back to his desk and calls his assistant on the intercom, the shirttail is no longer visible. When Hurcule returns after escorting Maria back to prison, the Inspector turns away from the window, and his shirttail is again exposed. (00:33:45 - 00:35:25)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the billiards game, Monsieur Ballon leans the "bridge cue" against the lamp. At the end of the game, when Clouseau is putting the cues away, it is leaning against the wall. (00:48:21)


Continuity mistake: The balloons that Inspector Clouseau is carrying changes. For example, he has 3 yellow balloons when outside the prison but there are 4 yellow ones when the police van is driving down the street. (00:35:45)


Character mistake: When Clouseau and Ballon are playing billiards, and Clouseau accuses Ballon of murdering the chauffeur out of jealously, he accidentally refers to Ballon as "Inspector Ballon". (00:46:20)

Cubs Fan

Dreyfus: What about the maid?
Clouseau: The maid?
Dreyfus: Was he jealous of her too? He strangled her.
Clouseau: It is possible that his intended victim was a man and that he made a mistake.
Dreyfus: A mistake?.. in a nudist camp?
Clouseau: Nobody's perfect.
Dreyfus: Idiot nincompoop lunatic.

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Trivia: When Clouseau spins the globe in his office after the first interrogation of Maria, the part calls for him to catch his hand. Peter Sellers ad-libbed a line about Africa being all over his hand. Just before the dissolve to the next scene, the actors start to grin at the ad-lib. (00:35:45)


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