Richie Ginelli threatens Tadzu Lempke (the old gypsy man) by almost killing his granddaughter and tells him to meet with Billy to remove the curse. Tadzu says he can't remove the curse but can transfer it, so he puts the curse in a pie. Billy gains back his weight back, goes home, and offers the pie to his wife (Heidi) for sweet revenge for cheating on him. The next morning, Billy finds his wife dead next to him in bed, but, when he goes downstairs, he finds that his daughter also ate a slice. Feeling guilty, he's about to eat pie when someone rings the door bell and it's the doctor guy (Mike) that Billy's wife was sleeping with. Billy invites him in and asks if he wants a slice of the delicious pie and to which Mike says yes...


Continuity mistake: Before Halleck eats the cursed pie, a fork appears next to the pie between shots.

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Billy Halleck: What are you trying to do to me?
Heidi Halleck: What you wanted me to do in the back seat of your daddy's car. Prove my love to you.

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Trivia: Stephen King appears in the film. He is the man behind the counter in the pharmacy serving the Gypsies.

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Question: When Richie wakes up Frank, he tells him about the gypsies that are camping in a specific area and to give him a call the moment he sees them. Since Richie already knew where the gypsies were at, why use Frank at all?

Answer: Because the Gypsies were not there, they were away. He wanted Frank to sit and watch for their return and let him know they were back so he didn't need to sit and do it himself.

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