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Continuity mistake: In the scene where it's Michelle Pfeiffer's first day in the classroom, the student who calls her "White Bread" when she walks in goes from one shot where she's sitting in a chair wearing headphones to three quick shots later where she's suddenly standing up dancing without headphones, and then in the next split-second shot she's sitting down again and the girl next to her is wearing the headphones, and then the headphones are back on her head when Pfeiffer walks up to her and asks about Miss Shepard. (00:08:14 - 00:08:55)

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Suggested correction: I agree that the female student was standing and swaying next to her seat and a quick shift of the camera showed her seated (relaxed and calm). [8:33 and 8:36] However, the parts about the headphones are not clear or totally accurate. The student next to her had her own set of headphones the entire time. At 9:58, the student in question had her headphones around the back of head - where they were visible because she leaned forward; they could have been there other times as well.


Continuity mistake: When Angela and her friend are dancing to the music, in the next shot you can see her walking past on the bottom right hand side of the screen, wearing different clothes too. (00:18:58 - 00:19:10)

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Hal Griffith: How'd they get you to stay?
Louanne: They gave me candy and called me their light.
Hal Griffith: That'll do it.

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Trivia: There are articles on-line reporting the murder of "Marisela Gonzales", who was shot by her husband in San Pedro on October 11th or 12th, 2020. There are also questions if Marisela, who played "Angela" in "Dangerous Minds" (1985) is still alive. From the police reports, the correct spelling of the 28-year-old woman killed was "Marisela Gonzalez" - ending with a "z", not "s." The Marisela who played Angela was born in 1968, and is currently 52 - so, obviously, not the 28-year-old murder victim.


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