Bruce Almighty

Other mistake: Early in the film, Jim Carrey is watching TV during a sports segment. He is watching Channel 7, the station he works for. This clip they showed was of actual WKBW sports director John Murphy. The clip they showed was taken directly from a real WKBW newscast, with the authentic news set, and graphics. However, when they show a clip of Ch. 7 News later, there are completely different graphics, and a completely different news set, both made for the movie.

Other mistake: When Bruce is responding to the e-mail prayers on Yahweh., you can see the prayers don't change, they just repeat the exact same requests in the exact same order. (00:59:35)

Other mistake: When Grace is running after her fight with Bruce, she sees trees on her right hand side with "Bruce + Grace" and then "forever and ever" inscribed on the following trees. However, when Grace looks to see how far back this is written on the trees, she leans to the left side of the screen (or her right). This wouldn't allow her to see farther down the street, since it was written on the trees to the right.

Other mistake: When Bruce is answering the prayers individually, he's just typing "YES" to each one, but his fingers are hitting a bunch of different keys, as though typing many different words.

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Continuity mistake: After the riot in the streets of Buffalo, Bruce meets up with God again in the Omni Presents building. They discuss how everything is going wrong. At the close-up shot of Bruce's face when he says, "What do I do now?" the frame is flipped. You can tell this because his hair is parted on the wrong side and his nose looks different. (01:15:20)


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Grace: Oh my God!
Bruce: You can call me Bruce.

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Trivia: The monkey that Jim Carrey makes come out of the one guy's butt is the monkey from Ace Ventura, Spike. (00:40:35)

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Question: After losing his temper on TV, Bruce is being thrown out of the building because he was fired. Why, later in the movie, would Bruce be allowed back in since he no longer works for the news studio?

Answer: They most likely called him and invited him back in to get the scoop. Before another network gets him.


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