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Corrected entry: During Bruce's first night as God, he 'lassoes' the moon and drags it closer to create a more romantic view. God limited Bruce's power to only affect a section of downtown Buffalo because God felt that the entire world would be too much for Bruce to handle. So how is Bruce able to change the moon's orbit and create a major disaster on the other side of the world?


Correction: Actually, God said he was only giving Bruce responsibility over the PRAYERS in that area, as opposed to all of the prayers in the whole world. Nothing was said about affecting other objects or people.

Corrected entry: When Bruce says he's Clint Eastwood and hides the handgun under his shirt, then goes to throw it in the garbage can, you can see that he's not holding a gun, but a Channel 7 news microphone. (00:32:10)


Correction: That's the joke. First he says he's Clint Eastwood, so he has a gun. Then he panics and says he's Bruce Nolan, therefore it becomes the microphone from his TV station.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Bruce's boss buys his lunch from a man in an apron, telling him it's "An exellent choice," this is a reference to the movie "I am Sam," where the protagonist had a similar appearance and used that same phrase over and over.

Correction: Somebody selling food wearing an apron is hardly an unusual choice of attire and "an excellent choice" would similarly be a common phrase in the circumstances. Without citation that this is an intentional nod by the filmmakers to "I Am Sam", this falls into the realm of pure coincidence, which invalidates it as trivia.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Grace leaves Bruce stranded at the party, he begins walking beside a lake, and his clothes are soaking wet before it starts to rain.

Correction: His clothes are soaking wet because he caused it to rain in the party to make everyone leave. He sat on the couch and got soaked, then left.

Correction: In "The Truman Show", Meryl was advertising 'MoCocoa' hot chocolate. In Bruce almighty he gets 'Cafe de Colombia' coffee.

Corrected entry: When Bruce and God are on Mount Everest, God says "You've had my powers for a little over a week now...". Not only was Bruce only supposed to have the powers for one week anyway, but it is barely halfway through the film.

Correction: God didn't say Bruce would only have his powers for one week. The raincheck for helping him clean was the 7th at 7, not necessarily 7 days from then.

Correction: Nowhere in the film is it ever stated Bruce would only have his powers for a week.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is driving in his new ride, he isn't allowed to change free will, but he manages to make everyone pull over so he can drive straight.

Correction: He can control the cars to just move out of the way though. The drivers didn't have to be the ones to drive them.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jim Carrey picks up the broken beeper, you can clearly see, on the back of the LCD screen, the metal contacts where the data ribbon should've been connected... but nothing was there, it was cut. In the next shot, the display works flawlessly which would've been impossible.

Correction: That's just the point - it's not impossible, it's an "act of god" and because of that reason the beeper still works even though the laws of electronics tells us other wise.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is parting the tomato soup, before he starts the bowl is almost completely full, so when he does part the soup shouldn't some of it have spilled out?

Correction: He has the power of God, of course nothing spilled out. He was controlling it as not to bring too much attention to himself.


Corrected entry: It is claimed that Grace has a rare blood group, AB positive; however, while it is true that less than 5% of people have this blood group, it is not so much rare as it is useless, as a person with AB positive blood can receive blood from any other group, yet AB positive blood can only be given to people with the same blood type. This makes this blood pretty undesirable, and not valuable at all.

Correction: While this is true, people respond much better when given their own blood type as opposed to a different, but still compatible type. This makes AB very desirable.

Correction: In fact, if people respond better when they receive their own blood type, the O- type should be the most desired. The type O- is the only one which must obligatorily receive of the same type, contrary to the type AB+ which can receive of any type.

Correction: AB is the universal plasma and all blood types can receive AB plasma, making it as valuable as O - blood.


Corrected entry: When God tells Bruce the two rules he says Bruce can't tell anyone he's "God" and he can't "mess with free will" but by telling Bruce himself what he can't do just by explaining the rules God himself is messing with Bruce's free will. So by God's own reasoning he's breaking his own rules.


Correction: The rules are for Bruce, not God. But the free will thing could just be a limitation of God's powers, not a "rule". If I tell you that you can't lift a mountain, I'm not messing with your free will, just stating a fact. And/or just telling Bruce he can't tell anyone he's God isn't about free will, simply an "actions have consequences" thing. If he breaks the rules he'd lose his powers or similar. I mean all of us have free will, but if we exercise that in a harmful way then we go to jail or similar. That's not "messing with our free will", just natural limitations.

Correction: The rules are for Bruce, not God. But the free will thing could just be a limitation of God's powers, not a "rule". If I tell you that you can't lift a mountain, I'm not messing with your free will, just stating a fact. And/or just telling Bruce he can't tell anyone he's God isn't about free will, simply an "actions have consequences" thing. If he breaks the rules he'd lose his powers or similar. I mean all of us have free will, but if we exercise that in a harmful way then we go to jail or similar. That's not "messing with our free will", just natural limitations.

Correction: A bra for a vehicle is the cover that protects the front of the car. This is a picture of a car bra:


Corrected entry: Why should it take all day to download the prayers? Bruce has all of God's powers, yet he can't make his internet connection fast enough to download the millions of prayer requests in a split second.

Matty Blast

Correction: It simply does not occur to Bruce that he can speed things up. He is still hampered by his human brain and his habits, so he goes through daily activities like eating, driving a car instead of "teleporting", and waiting for downloads from the internet. It is the way he has done things for thirty-something years, it is not easy to shed such habits and thinking.


Corrected entry: After Bruce's accident, we hear the ambulance personnel referring to a neck brace and a back board. Anyone with even the slightest EMS or medical background would call those items a C-collar and a long board.

Correction: Yes, and the scriptwriter probably thought that, since his world wide audience was probably not going to be composed solely of paramedics and ambulance drivers, he'd better use terms ordinary cinema goers would understand.

Corrected entry: After Bruce is hit by the truck and the paramedics are shocking him back to life, he is on wet ground. Factually, you cannot use a defibrillator on a wet surface or everyone around will be shocked. (01:25:45)

Correction: The defibrillator has two paddles. The current coming from one of them looks for the easiest way to earth and by far the easiest way is the second paddle. Secondly, it does not matter what voltage you apply to a wet surface, you cannot electrocute anyone standing on that surface unless some part of their body above the feet is grounded. You cannot be shocked if the voltage does not have a path through your body.


Corrected entry: Jack Keller's nameplate on his desk (in the scene where Bruce is rehired) says 'Jack Baylor'.

Correction: That's because his name is Jack Baylor, not Jack Keller. Watch the credits and you'll see his name.

T Poston

Correction: This is a vague coincidence between two movies, not trivia.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce is seducing Grace, right in the shot of her collapsing onto the floor in the bathroom, you can see she knocks the toilet paper roll off the rack as she hits the floor. When the shot shows her standing in the bathroom doorway with her hair all messed up, the toilet paper roll is now back onto the rack. (00:44:20)

Correction: After Grace falls to the floor, the pangs of passion subside enough for her to get to her feet and come to the door. We do not see this, as the camera is only on Bruce (in the bedroom). It is not impossible that as she managed to compose herself enough to get up, she picked up the toilet paper roll and put it back. Many people do little tidying things like this absent-mindedly, while they are thinking about other things.


Perhaps, but she didn't clean up the other stuff she knocked off the shelf, and really, given that she's just had the greatest orgasm of her life, and is about to go have sex, how much do you really think she'd care about fixing it?


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce switches everything to files, then Post Its, that scene was shot on September 11, 2002. So everyone that worked on the set, all the cast and crew, wrote down something about how they felt about the attacks on a Post-It. Every one of those was in that scene.

Correction: It was NOT shot on the day, just "not too long after the anniversary of 9/11" as the audio-commentary points out. And the prayers are NOT only about 9/11, everybody could write down a prayer about friends, the family or something other.

Corrected entry: After Bruce's car gets vandalised by the thugs, they manage to crack his drivers window. This wouldn't be possible, its tempered glass which means that it would shatter into little bits, its a safety feature.

Correction: In many older cars windows could be broken like on Bruces car, They used to do them like that to keep them from breaking apart like tempered glass. So it could be that his car was built before tempered glass.

Factual error: At the very end of the film Bruce is reporting on a drive for blood donors, and Grace leads him over to the booth to give blood himself - he is even wearing a tourniquet. However, he is supporting himself on a walking stick - he is not fully recovered from the injuries he received when he was run over, which happened when he was hit by a moving car - injuries which left him clinically dead. There is absolutely no way that a person who has suffered life threatening injuries and has undergone the (inevitably) intensive drug therapies and surgical procedures involved while under treatment in hospital in the fairly recent past would be allowed to give blood. There is no way that the Red Cross (or the US equivalent) would want to encourage people who have recently been hospitalised to try to give blood. Not only would that be the height of irresponsibility, they would be wasting precious resources and staff time turning away people who would not be allowed to give blood.

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Grace: Oh my God!
Bruce: You can call me Bruce.

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Trivia: The original number used for God in the movie was 776-2323, with no area code. After the film was released, people in different areas using that number received calls from people wanting to talk to God. The number was changed to 555-0123 for the DVD release.

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Question: What does it mean when Bruce is live from the Maid of the Mist and one of the audio guys says "We've got a Walt Disney"? (00:15:10)

Answer: There is an urban myth that Walt Disney froze himself so he return unfrozen in the future. At the Maid of the Mist, Bruce is frozen from shock. If you listen to another audio guy after the first one says we got a Walt Disney, he says he is frozen solid, telling what it means to have a Walt Disney.

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