Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk (1959)

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Revealing mistake: Rock Hudson angrily picks up Doris Day from her bed, blanket and all, and carries her through town to his apartment. When he is walking down the sidewalk, the blanket slips and the supporting wooden board underneath Doris Day is visible. This made carrying her easier.

Continuity mistake: During the split screen scene with Doris and Rock in the bath tubs, the amount of soap suds on Doris' foot and leg is less in the close ups than on the long shots.

Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: Doris and Tony are talking by the car. Two women walk behind them, talking, one with a blue coat, one with a grey coat. The camera turns to a close up, and the woman with the blue coat is alone. She then walks by them about 3 more times during this scene. (00:10:20)

Jack's Revenge

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Suggested correction: Dialing the number from a party line would get you a busy signal. If you wish to dial the other party you would dial a special code. In the movie it is 793.

Continuity mistake: When Rex is explaining his ranch's layout to Jan over dinner, he uses a coffee cup, sugar cubes, and a napkin for props. The napkin initially obscures the view of sugar cubes, but when Rex returns to the table (after speaking with Jonathan) the sugar cubes are front of the napkin and in plain sight of the viewer.


Factual error: After taking Jan home, Rex Stetson/Brad Allen goes back to his apartment and calls Jan. Since they share a party line this would be impossible because a party line is a single phone line shared by two people. For Brad to call Jan he would have to call his own phone number and would receive an engaged/busy signal. (00:41:07)


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Suggested correction: Brad Allen explains to Jen that they have a code number for their party line. It is 793. She can call him, and he can call her by dialling 793. No need to dial his own number.

Brad Allen: I've had hangovers before, but this time, even my hair hurts.

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