Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday (1976)


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Annabel (as Mrs. Andrews): Your mop stinks.

Mrs. Andrews: Annabel, how do you like yourself?
Annabel: I'm not sure yet.
Mrs. Andrews: Annabel, about your hair, I swear they only took off an inch and a half. And I bought you a new outfit, but you don't have to wear it. your teeth! Don't you like your teeth now?
Annabel: Mom, I'm not talking about how I look, I'm talking about how I am. I'm a lot smarter than I realised I am, and a lot dumber too.

Mrs. Andrews: Honestly, Bill, that child hasn't got a clue about my life, not a single clue.

Annabel (as Mrs. Andrews): Male chauvinist pig.
Ben Andrews: Mr. Dilk too?
Annabel (as Mrs. Andrews): No, still your father.

Annabel: This is my room. Don't knock it, I like it this way, you don't have to find anything.

Boris Harris: You and your little boy have the same sized feet?
Annabel (as Mrs. Andrews): Yes, I told you he's peculiar.

Mrs. Andrews: You know, Borris, I do believe this is the first time you've ever gotten a chance to see our lovely, lovely home... it's simple, but elegant.

Opposing Coach: Now listen, girls, I've taught you to play fair, to play clean, and with good sportsmanship. Still, the name of the game is winning, and we can only win this one if you remember one thing: get Annabel Andrew and get her good.

Mr. Andrews: What's going on in there?
Annabel (as Mrs. Andrews): Something really freaky.

Mrs. Andrews: Too late, Miss. Gibbons, I've already seen your action.

Continuity mistake: When Ellen is on the hanglider near the end of the film, her hands keep changing from the top of the handle bars to the bottom in almost every shot.

Gavin Jackson

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