Surviving the Game

After a scrap with Doc Hawkins, Jack Mason chucks through a window of a burning down cabin which then explodes with Doc still in it.When Griffin learns how noble Jack is he no longer wants to continue in the Walter Cole blows him away. Cole looses his legs when Jack sabotages his allterrian vehicle, rather than slowly bleed to death, Burns suffocates Cole. Derek Wolfe Jr slips while crossing a log over a ravine (after Jack belts him with stones) and plunges to his messy demise far below. His father then after having his head bashed repeatedly (along with Jack's) into a rock face has his neck snapped. Burns destroys the planes thinking Jack's hiding in one and escapes back to the city. Jack survives and tracks Thomas Burns down as he's leaving overseas after partially electrocuting Thomas in a fight, Jack departs, allowing Thomas to take aim with his rifle only learning too late Jack has obstructed the gun by then he's pulled the trigger and has had his face shreded by flying shrapnel while. Jack walks off into the alleway night leaving behind Burns now minus (it seems) an eye and most of his head/face.


Factual error: Mason goes off a cliff, and catches a pine tree growing horizontally, straight out of the cliff. Unfortunately, that's not how they grow; as soon as pine trees successfully root, they grow toward the sun.

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Cole: Stevie Wonder could follow these tracks.

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