Identity (2003)

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John Cusack is fictional, as are the others. Malcolm Rivers (The "host") suffers from multiple personality disorders and the characters in the motel were actually personalities. All of them have distinguishing characteristics which lead to the fact that they are just Malcolm's creations (eg. Same birth date, surnames are all also names of towns). In the end, the only person to leave the motel alive is Paris (Amanda Peet) as Ed (Cusack) and Rhodes (Liotta) shot each other to death. On their way to a mental institution, Malcolm has another vision, he sees Paris doing some gardening when Timmy (the little boy) appears with a door key with the number 'one' on it. We then realise he is the murderer as he was behind everyone's death in some way. Not only does Timmy kill Paris, but the personality takes control of Malcolm, who then strangles the doctor who is sitting in the seat in front of him. The car stops in the middle of nowhere.


Revealing mistake: When the guests open up the freezer containing the dead hotel clerk, it falls towards the camera, i.e. the viewer. Right before it changes to the reaction shot of all the guests, the corpse blinks. (00:52:50)

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Timothy York: Whores don't get a second chance.

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Trivia: Pruitt Taylor Vince who plays a killer with multiple personalities in this movie had a similar role in an episode of the X-files in which he played a killer with a slight personality problem.

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Question: At the end we discover the kid survived unscathed in the explosion, which makes one believe Ginny survived too. So what happened to her? Did the kid murder her?

Rory O'Flaherty

Chosen answer: If we say Ginny did not survive, we assume two scenarios: 1.) Each key represents the personality that was killed off in Malcolm's psyche. So, all in all 10 personalities have died. 2.) Ginny was the sixth one to be killed. This means that she has key #5 with her - remember that we are counting the killings in descending order. However, it was not shown anywhere in the movie how Ginny was killed by Timmy. So, it can also be said that aside from Timmy (who was seen walking away from the car explosion), Ginny (whose body was never found after the explosion) also remained alive. Ginny's state is inconclusive.

No she does die. At the end of the movie they show her being suffocated by Timmy.

Nope, that's Timmy's mother that's being suffocated.

No. Timmy suffocated his mother in the bed.

Answer: Since Timmy is the killer here, it would be correct to assume that he blew up the car and took Ginny away during the commotion and killed her in some way that isn't shown in film. Or else blowing up of the car becomes completely pointless and a classic like this won't show a scene that doesn't have a significance. So blowing up the car was actually a part of the plot to kill Ginny.

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