Johnny English

Continuity mistake: When Johnny English and Bough watch Klein and Vendetta escape in the funeral hearse, Bough asks Johnny what they should do, to which Johnny replies, "Watch and learn, Bough". At this point, you can see that Johnny's face is dirty, but when he is driving the truck a few shots later, his face appears completely clean.

Audio problem: When Johnny spills his glass of champagne over the foreign secretary at Sauvage's reception, she says "What in God's name?" but her mouth doesn't match what she is saying.

Factual error: Whenever a new heir to the throne is appointed KING or QUEEN they face opposite ways on a stamp. The Queen faces on the left on stamps. So if Pascal became King, how come he also faces left on the stamp? This is a British tradition so they can't have "forgotten" this tradition.

Bough: Shall we call for back-up sir?
Johnny English: What? And watch some fat-bottomed bobby make our arrest for us? I don't think so.

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Trivia: The suit English is wearing when he meets Agent One looks like the famous Mr. Bean costume that Rowen Atkinson is famous for.

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