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Corrected entry: In the scene where Stanley and Zero are trying to get up God's Thumb, Zero cut his hands while trying to help Stanley. There is a plain view of his hands with no blood. In the next scene he has blisters and blood all over his hands. Where did they go when he first cut them?

Correction: Actually, you can still see the blood on Zero's hands after he lets go of the shovel.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the warden is trying to take the chest away from Zero and Zero says "It's Stanleys", if you look in the background you can see two white vans. (01:42:15)

Correction: Those vans belong to Camp Green Lake.

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Corrected entry: When Stanley complains about the other guys' dirt then we see ZigZag taking a drink of water we see someone who looks an awful lot like BarfBag.

Correction: He looks quite a lot like BarfBag, but he isn't BarfBag.

Corrected entry: After the truck drives into a hole by Stanley, we see the D-Tent boys and some other tents cheering him on as he runs away. Clearly in the background you can see Barf Bag or someone who looks a lot like him. Barf Bag isn't supposed to be at the camp anymore.

Correction: Barf Bag left because he got bit by a snake and had to go the hospital. He could have been made to return to the camp after he healed.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Sir is supposed to be filling Stanley's canteen, but lets it flow to the ground instead, you'll notice that the license plate on his truck says 'Mr. Sir.' (01:01:45)

Correction: This isn't trivia, it is noticeable to anyone looking at the screen.

Corrected entry: When Zero is recounting how he got rid of the stolen shoes when he heard the police coming, he is shown untying the shoes. The next shot shows the shoes being thrown off the overpass and they are tied together. If Zero is in a hurry to get rid of the evidence, he wouldn't have taken the time to tie the shoes together. (01:30:20)

Correction: Zero would have wanted to retrieve the shoes later, he would have tied them to make them easier to find.

Corrected entry: When Stanley's Grandfather and father explain "Kissin Kate Barlow," After Stanley said, "she'd kiss 'em?" we see Kate Barlow kiss on of her victims but the kiss is upside down. (00:15:30)

Correction: Correct, it was upside down. We see her kiss one of the victims from behind by leaning over him.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Zero tells Stanley that he was the one who actually stole the shoes, he tells Stanley that he was busted the next day. If that were in fact true...then Stanley should have been there before Zero, not after.

Correction: If you read the book then it tells you that Stanley had to wait an extra month or so because he was tried in court. Zero probably got sent there the day he was arrested, but Stanley had to wait for a trial and then he was sent (after Zero).


Corrected entry: When Stanley and Zero are digging the last hole (to find the treasure), you can see steps going down into the hole in some shots.

Correction: the steps were made by Zero and Stanley to get out of the hole because it would be too deep to climb out of with the chest, if you watch the end where Zero gets out of the hole with the chest, he walks up the stairs

Corrected entry: In the scene where Zero is digging Stanley's hole for the first time, they are both in the hole and the hole is higher than them. Why would this be so if they had to dig a hole the depth of their shovel?

Correction: The hole is not higher than them, what you are seeing is the piles of dirt that they have already dug up.

Corrected entry: In a shot of flying over the whole lake filled with holes, you see one hole that is oval. The holes are supposed to be circular, 5 feet in diameter.

Correction: Actually as it shows the overview, the holes are really getting stretched across the screen which makes the hole appear oval.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, when Stanley is narrating the end of the story, he says that Camp Greenlake is being turned into a girls' camp. In the book it says that Camp Greenlake is being turned into a girl scout camp, regarding to the fact that Mr. Sir repeatedly comments that they aren't at a girl scout camp throughout the movie.

Correction: That's the joke. Mr Sir spends the whole film (and book) stating that they aren't at a girl scouts camp, so at the end it is turned into a girl scouts camp.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stanley and Zero are digging up the treasure chest, you can see the diagonal lines in the hole next to them, indicating that the hole had been dug by a machine.

Correction: On the disney channel, we were stunned that all of the holes were man made. Take a closer look. The lines are seperated about the width of a shovel blade, and even in the book it says that Stanley had to scrape off chunks of dirt with his shovel to make it perfect.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Sir is talking to Stanley when he first arrives, he says "but if you get bit by a yellow spotted lizard, you'll die a slow and painful death. Always". Later when it shows Kate Barlow get bitten, she dies in a matter of seconds.

Correction: Mr. Sir is probably just trying to scare Stanley, or maybe he doesn't even know for sure what would happen.

Corrected entry: Dr. Pendanski says he likes to call people by their real name but he calls Hector Zeroni, Zero, but that's not his real name.

Correction: This is because he could care less about how Zero feels (in the book he doesn't know his real name anyways).

Corrected entry: In the scene when Mr Sir is explaining about the rattlesnakes danger to Stanley, he's wrong about not dying if a rattlesnake bites you. If you're bitten by one, you can die because a rattlesnake is venomous.


Correction: This is not a character mistake, because this character is portrayed as callous and dishonest. He's lying to Stanley, not mistaken about the snakes.

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Corrected entry: In the dinner hall when the campers first see Mr. Sir's face he has three scratches on his face. When there is a closeup of him after he pours Stanley's water out he has a mesh kind of gauze strip on his face.

Correction: The dinner hall scene and when Mr. Sir pours Stanley's water out is a totally different scene. Between those two scenes, Mr. Sir probably found a gauze patch to put over, so no one would comment on his face again (because in the dinner hall scene someone commented "what happened to your face?" and Mr. Sir got pretty upset).

Corrected entry: When the bus is driving to Camp Green Lake we see MANY holes but when Stanley sees "Sam and Mary Lou" there are no holes in the background.

Correction: If you watch very closely, when Sam and Mary Lou appear, there is a lake in the back as well. This just means he's seeing what the camp was like before.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Stanley finds Zero under Sam's boat, you see that the sunlight on Zero's body shows 2cm large gaps between each board. How did this boat float if it had large gaps between each board?

Correction: When a wood planked boat is out of the water for just a few weeks the planks dry and the seams open up. This boat has been in the desert sun for about 100 years. The open plank seams are reasonable.

Corrected entry: In the beginning where Barf Bag gets bitten by a rattle snake, Zero is in the background. Then, a few seconds later, Stanley gets hit by the shoes. If Zero threw the shoes, how could he be in 2 places at once? (00:02:00)

Correction: That scene is more of a flashback showing why there was a vancancy at Camp Green Lake for Stanley. Then it cuts to the present.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Sir gets angry at the boy who said, "What happened to your face?" he asks the campers if he looks good and you see D-Tent sitting in the upper left hand corner, everyone is sitting down. In the close up of D-Tent, X-Ray and Armpit are standing then. In the next shot with Mr. Sir, you see Armpit and X-Ray going to sit down. Then back to Mr. Sir, you see X-Ray standing. (01:01:05)

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Mr. Sir: There ain't nothing down there. We woulda found it by now.
Mr. Pendanski: I wouldn't tell the queen bee that.
Mr. Sir: I ain't on stupid pills!


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Trivia: The first time you see Sam selling his onions, a nearly bald man comes up to him (Mr. Collingwood) and Sam advises him to use onion cream on his head so hair will grow. Mr. Collingwood is Louis Sachar, the author of the book Holes.

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Question: In Mr Sir's office when he gives a drink to the guard, is it Coca-Cola because it looks like it. If not, can someone tell me what it is?


Chosen answer: It appears to be in fact a Coca-Cola bottle, it has been turned in an attempt to not show the logo.


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