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Corrected entry: This happens during the scene when Morpheus cuts "The Twins" car with a sword, and shoots it. Watch how close Morpheus is to the car when he shoots, then when it explodes look around on the ground. There is a wide angle camera shot, and Morpheus is not there any more, even though he was about 10 feet from the car. Then when the shot goes to a higher angle, Morpheus reappears. He also looks transparent and 2D in some of the higher shots of the road.

Terri Engblom

Correction: You actually do see him. When the car explodes you see Morpheus at the left side of the screen. Probably only visible in widescreen.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, when agents are killed, they revert back to the form of the person that they stole their body off. Throughout Reloaded, especially in the first fight scene (Upgrades), when agents are killed, they stay in their 'agent form'

Correction: Neo did NOT kill the Agents in the first fight scene, only knocked them out. In none of the other scenes where Agents actually take a bullet or are part of a car crash do we actually see the bodies left behind, so it's reasonable to assume they exited the bodies then just as before.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: The Keymaker gets shot by some 5 Desert Eagle bullets, a weak guy like the Keymaker (even in the Matrix) would have either exploded or flown three feet back. His insides would have been all over the floor.

Correction: Nope, that's just a movie thing. The way he reacted to the shots were actually quite realistic. Bullets don't throw people around or blow holes the size of plates in people.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: This refers to the freeway chase scene where one of the Twins "flies" into the car and starts fighting with Morpheus. During the fight Morpheus twists a seatbelt around the Twin's arm to immobilize it and put him at a disadvantage. Shortly after that the Twin uses a knife blade to cut the seatbelt in order to free his arm. But the Twins can both pass through solid objects like ghosts, so why wouldn't the Twin simply make his arm "dissipate" through the seatbelt instead of going through all the trouble of cutting it with the blade?

Correction: At no time during the film does either of the twins dissipate just part of his body. It appears that if he goes "ghost" it happens to his whole body. If he were to become incoherent simply to free his arm from the seatbelt, he would pass right through the car.

Timothy Cheseborough

Corrected entry: During the Freeway scene, the number plate on the car that Trinity is driving changes from "DA 2003" to "DA 203" and back at various intervals.

Correction: It is always "DA 203"


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo catches Trinity, Trinity is falling from a building with her feet pointing towards the building. Neo should catch her with her feet pointing to his left side, but when he puts her down on a nearby roof top, her feet are pointing to his right side. I can't remember seeing him flip her around in mid-air.

Correction: Definitely wrong, this one - he flies in from behind us, and catches her from her right side. As such her feet are pointing to his right, and they still are when he sets her down.


Corrected entry: In the freeway chase scene, when the agent jumps off the bonnet of the car it goes flying, when it shows a side view of the car flying past put it on pause. You can blatantly see a white car complete with a camera company logo, and the camera man out the window.

gandolfs dad

Correction: The white car is the police car that the agent jumped out of. The logo is the police shield. I can't see a person, but if there is one it would be the agent driving the police car - as you can see in the next he is watching the action.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo fights all the Smiths with the pole, he jumps up in the air and impales a Smith with the pole on the ground. When he lands he gets punched back and then runs horizontally in a circle on the Smiths, using the pole as post to hold. If you watch closely, you will notice that the pole disappears when he gets punched, only to reappear right before he runs around with it.

Correction: The pole is there in every frame; in some it is moving quickly and is very blurred.


Corrected entry: Part way through the "100 Agent Smiths" scene, Neo is just about to kick one of the Smiths. However, if you look closely, the Smith rises up vertically into the air long before Neo even lifts his head. Its only when Neo kicks him that he flies backwards out of shot. Bad wire work.


Correction: This is much too vague without a timecode. I couldn't spot anything matching that description.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Morpheus is fighting the agent on top of the semi, Morpheus is about to fall off the side when he reaches out to grab the agent's tie. When he grabs it, the agent tries his best to hold on to the tie to keep himself from falling off the truck and thus saving Morpheus. The agent should have just fallen off the truck to kill Morpheus and sacrifice himself, since agents are programs which can die and still take over another body. (01:33:50)

Correction: It would have been unfortunate for the Agent to sacrifice himself when he would have to change into another person, and go through a lot of trouble to kill the keymaker. It's just easier and more logical to kill Morpheus and then the keymaker. In fact, that's what would have happened if Morpheus hadn't lucked out by Niobe saving him.

Corrected entry: A case of dodgy wire-work comes into play in Niobe's fighting scene at the power station. When she goes to kick one of the guards, she doesn't jump into the air as Trinity or other characters do - she is obviously pulled into the air. Watch closely and you'll notice.


Correction: This is a matter of opinion. To me (and obviously to the filmmakers) it appears as if Niobe simply leaps up using as little energy as possible - a very spare and economical fighting move.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trinity is falling from the building, we see her from the Agent's point of view, with an empty street below them. A few seconds later in the same scene, the Agent falls onto an unmoving white car, which was previously not there.

Correction: The car is there. It enters the left of the frame just before Trinity is shot.

Corrected entry: If the Keymaker is "meant" for all intents and purposes for deletion, and if "The One" is a never ending circle, ALWAYS meant to go to the source - how is The One supposed to get to the Source without the Keymaker? The deletion of the Keymaker would end the cycle, causing the machines to be left without human power, or would allow Zion to grow out of control.


Correction: The very act of targeting the Keymaker for deletion is what triggers the series of events we see in the film from the part at the Frenchman's house onwards. The Keymaker is targeted, but is never intended to be deleted until he has served his true purpose, to deliver Neo to the Architect.


Corrected entry: If only Seriph or the keymaker can open the "back doors" to the Matrix, with the special keys - why, and more importantly, how can the many Agent Smiths come through any and every available door at the end of the film? They need the right key to turn the locks. Every one of those Agents couldn't possibly have a key.


Correction: In the first matrix Morpheus explains that agents are 'guarding all the doors and holding all the keys' also that they can 'move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system'. Smith, who is now free from his programming as an agent, has the ability and 'freedom' if you will to further portray or freely execute the ability that agents have. Each clone is an exact duplicate of the original smith so each clone has that ability as well. They can easily gain access to anything they please, including the back doors that need 'special keys' being held by the keymaker and seraph.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo is fighting the French guy's henchmen, at the end of the fight Neo stabs one of the guys with a sword. But if you look closely, the sword is actually not penetrating him at all. It is actually going under his arm.

Correction: No it does not. It is even a close up of the sword as it enters the body, and it enters just above the belt buckle.


Corrected entry: Morpheus leans down from the side of the truck and plunges the katana into it. Later in the scene he climbs down onto it, and his head is almost at the top of the truck, he could never have plunged it in that far down. Even later he is able to pull it out again when he leans off the side.

Correction: Duplicated mistake

Corrected entry: In the highway scene where Morpheus stands in between the two trucks, the katana is on the left truck. When he catches the keymaker, he throws him onto the truck on the right and then fights an agent on the same truck, but when he is hanging on the side of the truck the katana magically appears.

Correction: You're mistaken. Morpheus throws the Keymaker onto the same truck that the katana was jammed into, which is why he is able to pull it back out when his fight with Agent Johnson doesn't go well.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo, Morpheus and the Keymaker enter the building to find the Source, they turn a corner to be faced with Agent Smith. When the camera switches back to them they are no longer standing on a corner but in one long straight corridor.

Correction: Because the corridor is nearly all white the gap where the other corridor joins is hard to see but it's definitely there.

Corrected entry: Why does Trinity jump out of the window at the start/end of the film? She can't fly like Neo, and we know they can still be killed in the Matrix.

Correction: Trinity runs from one of the agents through the only door to the room, and another agent crashes through the wall to her right. There is no other way out of the room. We know the survival skills of people plugged into the Matrix are based on running on instinct. She has no time to think or call Link for directions in that split-second, and so takes the only possible and available route out which is through the window. Her instinct for survival isn't parallel with fear or consequence, but necessity.

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene, when they are coming out from behind the truck, the shot-out tire is inflated then deflated again.

Correction: Wrong. Once shot out, the tire is never again seen "inflated", just as it should be. The tire occasionally changes shape as the car swerves back and forth (as would occur naturally) but it never "reinflates" itself.

Phil C.

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Continuity mistake: During the freeway scenes, the katana Morpheus used as a foot hold to grab the keymaker keeps moving. It was at arm's length from the top when he inserted it; when Morpheus was standing on it, the sword was a whole body length below the top; when Morpheus took the sword out in his fight against the agent, it was back in its original position.

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Morpheus: Does the Commander have a plan for stopping 250,000 sentinels?
Niobe: A strategy is still being formulated.
Morpheus: I'm sure it is.

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Trivia: Monica Bellucci's dress is some what see through. You can see that she isn't wearing underwear. (01:05:10)

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Question: In the final trailer and on the UK DVD menu there is a shot of Neo putting his glasses on and it going to 'Matrix view'. Does anyone know why this shot was cut from the film,it's cool.The background looks like the 'Burly Brawl' location. Could it have been at the beginning of that? Any knowledge of this out there?

Answer: This was made just for the trailers. The same part (without the Matrix code) can be seen when Smith says "suprised to see me?" to which Neo replies "No." and puts on his sunglasses before the Burly Brawl.

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