The Crow

Question: If Eric and Shelley were fighting tenant eviction, why did T-Bird and his crew show up with a list of complaints about the conditions of the building?

Answer: Top Dollar (the main villain played by Michael Wincott) sent them over there to talk them. He sorta explained at the end. He 'believed' that he owned the building. I think he said something along the lines of: "Hell, nothing in this area happens without my say so." I guess Eric and Shelly's complaints were going to attract attention with the authorities and Top Dollar did not want that.


Question: In this movie Eric came back one year after his murder, but why in the other movies do the others come back shortly after their deaths?

Answer: There is no explaination given in the films, they are just brought back when the crow feels it is the right time to avenge their murder.

Chosen answer: Eliza is Eliza Hutton. She was Brandon Lee's fiance at the time of his death. They were supposed to be married only weeks after Lee died.

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Question: It's supposed to be Devil's Night, so why are there child trick or treaters running around in costumes when Eric is wandering around outside?

Answer: "Devil's Night" is the night before Halloween, Oct. 30. Many communities across the U.S. hold "Beggar's Night," the night kids go trick-or-treating, on a day other than Halloween, often Oct. 30.

Just to add to your answer, if Halloween falls on a Sunday, it's not uncommon for trick or treating to occur the day before.

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Answer: Given that there is going to be likely dozens of buildings burned down by the next day, kids probably want to get their trick or treating done a day early.


Question: We all know Brandon Lee was shot and ultimately died of his injuries. The death was recorded and has ultimately been destroyed. But does anyone know what scene it is where the accident happened? I've read that it was the scene where he jumps on the table and is shot off before popping up, and I've read that it was a scene with just Funboy shooting him with a revolver. There have also been articles where it's described as an "unknown scene"

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Answer: This is from Wikipedia: On March 31, 1993, at EUE Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina, Lee was filming a scene where his character, Eric, is shot after witnessing the beating and rape of his fiancée. Actor Michael Massee Funboy fires a .44 Magnum Smith and Wesson Model 629 revolver at Lee as he walks into the room.

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As we are all aware, Wikipedia isn't the best for credibility. Is there any other source for this information? As like I said originally, I've read articles where it's the scene where he falls off the table, and others where it's just "an unknown scene".

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That Wikipedia entry is cited with a source to an official news article, so it's totally legit. I've never seen an article where it says it was the scene where he fell off a table. I've only ever heard it mentioned as the scene where he finds Shelly being beaten and raped. But here are some other articles about the incident: and


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the bar with Gideon when the black guy pours Gideon a drink it is only about 1/3 full. When Gideon drinks it in the next shot it is almost full.

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Trivia: When Eric first goes back to his apartment, right after he returns from the grave, it is raining inside the apartment and his movements look an awful lot like the movements he just made in the rainy alleyway. [Not really a mistake, but worth noticing - the filmmakers were forced to re-use some shots after Brandon Lee's death.]

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