Phone Booth

Question: Are the pizza delivery guy and The Caller two different characters? I was always under the impression that they were one and the same.

Answer: The pizza man is intended by the Caller to be a decoy so he can get away. The Caller sends the pizza man to the phone booth so that Stu will identify him later in the apartment, giving the police a convenient answer to the mystery while the real Caller escapes. In fact, at the end of the movie, the Caller comes to visit Stu - obviously he's not the dead pizza delivery man.


Answer: He doesn't have time for him.

Question: Did the sniper actually have a laser? One of the "correctors" states that he doesn't and it's actually just for effect.

Answer: Of course he's got a laser - we see the red dot, ergo, he's got a laser. Whether this is a laser sight attached to his rifle, or just an ordinary hand-held laser pointer like a lecturer might use, we have no way to know.

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Question: When Captain Ramey tries to persuade Stu, he asks him what he is doing in a phone booth making calls, then Stu says, "You want to see it?" reaching for something, then the cops shout out him to stop. What was Stu going to show to Ramey?

Bunch Son

Answer: He's reaching for his cell phone.

Chosen answer: Stu was reaching for the gun that the caller had planted in the phone booth as incriminating evidence.

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Question: At the end of the movie, Stu was hit by a rubber bullet. Did the caller shoot it? Why didn't he kill Stu? The caller loved Kelly, didn't he?

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Chosen answer: The police fired the rubber bullets in an attempt to end the standoff without killing Stu. There's no indication the caller loved or personally knew Kelly. At the end, he warns Stu to maintain his new-found honesty or else face repercussions. He also tells him he's done the same thing to others who were dishonest.

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Chosen answer: Stu is a pretty unpleasant character - he's arrogant, rude, untrustworthy, he's considering cheating on his wife, treats his assistant like crap and so forth. The sniper's intent is to force him to change his ways, to confess his sins to those around him and hopefully, by doing so, put himself on a path towards some sort of personal redemption.

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Question: Are we to assume that it was the mysterious caller who double-crossed the pizza delivery man and slit his throat?

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Chosen answer: Yes. He'd paid for the pizza, so the pizza man would either have seen his face or accepted his credit card. Either way, he's a loose end that has to go.

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Question: In a real life scenario, could the witnesses face any charges for giving false information?

Answer: No, they wouldn't. They weren't giving any false information at all. They were recounting what they saw happening between Stu and the guy. They believed Stu had killed him but, were unaware of who really killed the guy and told the police what they believed to have happened.

Question: In the beginning, Stu tells Adam to messenger a bottle of Jameson's over to Lana who works at Page Six. He also wants a note saying "Irish chicken soup" to be delivered to her. What does he mean? And what is Jameson's?

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Chosen answer: Jameson's is a brand of Irish whiskey. He is making a joke that the whiskey is food, the same as chicken soup.

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Question: How did the caller escape the room where his rifle was found?

Answer: He made it look like the pizza guy was the shooter so he could get away.

Answer: We, the audience, are quite simply never shown. So it is left up to our imaginations.

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Answer: My guess which is a likely part is the pizza guy slit his own throat just before police arrived to avoid being caught. Meanwhile the caller I'm believing was in a completely different side of the booth (not in the same room as the rifle that was found). 2 reasons I believe this. 1. Stu gets shot in his right ear. No way where the sniper they found could he have shot Stu in the ear on the side he was shot from. 2 was because when Stu saw the caller, he had a suitcase with him, which presumably was the/a second sniper rifle. There's also another belief of mine that Stu dreamt the whole thing but unlikely.

Why would the pizza guy slit his own throat to avoid being caught? He didn't do anything bad?

Answer: He didn't, the caller did. Later when the caller goes to Stu in the ambulance he says "I feel bad about the pizza guy." The caller slit his throat and set it up so that the pizza guy was the caller.

Question: Wouldn't the police have eventually known that Stu didn't shoot and kill Leon after their investigation? Surely the caller would have known that too? If so, why would the caller even frame Stu in the first place? Surely he wasn't going to let the police take Stu away for murder, since he intends to teach him a lesson.

Answer: He needed them to believe it long enough for him to escape.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the pimp starts shaking the phone booth, ad cards and Stu's wedding ring are visible on top of the phone. After the "shaking" the ad cards and ring are gone. A few minutes later the ad cards are back, mixed in with the broken glass. (00:25:15)

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The Caller: Wait till it goes national. ABC, CBS, CNN, UPN, you're gonna have the whole alphabet.

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Trivia: The phone that Colin Farrell (Stu) was hooked up to actually had a person talking to him, to keep him sane during the confining shoot.

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