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Senior Counsel Mr. Wolfe: You asked God to bless Sister Brigid after hitting you?
Evelyn Doyle: Yes sir.
Senior Counsel Mr. Wolfe: I put it to you that you are lying.
Evelyn Doyle: To tell a lie is against the Eighth Commandment. You're a lawyer, you should know that.

Evelyn Doyle: It's great that we're on the top floor, so Santa can park his reindeer near.

Desmond Doyle: I never laid a hand to her in anger once, though she gave me just cause for it. Maybe that's where I went wrong.

Desmond Doyle: I'm not drinkin' and drivin'! I drank before I drove.

Evelyn Doyle: Grandma says she got a postcard from Mummy. She's in a place called Australia. Grandma says it's warm there.
Henry Doyle: Yes, deary, it is. But you tell your grandmother that its not as warm as the place she'll be going next.

Factual error: In the scene where the Doyle family's story is broadcast on TV, locations are Irish, the channel's name is RTE. (Ireland's national TV station.) Ireland's first TV station was not installed until the mid sixties, ten years afterwards.

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