Murder By Death

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Tess is reading aloud facts about Mr. Twain, she says he was born in 1906. At the dinner table, Twain says he is 76 years old. This constitutes the date being 1982. Judging from the vehicles and clothing worn by the actors, the movie is set earlier than the 80's, probably the 50's or so.

Correction: Actually, given that the movie is a great sendup of the murder mysteries of the '30s and '40s, the cars and clothing reflect that period. But given also that part of the spoof is the "nothing is what it seems to be" plotting of those movies, along with Mr. Twain's predeliction for not telling the truth, I would have to take his profession of age with a grain of salt.

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Corrected entry: When Lionel Twain makes his appearance at the dining table he presses a button on his wheelchair which makes all the windows and doors become locked and barred. Then in a later scene when the group have returned to the lounge Dick Charleston opens the window to see if it has stopped raining but the windows are supposed to be locked and barred.

Correction: Later in the movie Charleston says that at dawn the windows and doors would be unlocked.

The windows were barred to prevent them getting out, not opening them. He reached through the bars to open the window.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam Diamond walks out of the dining room with Dick Charleston, he never shuts the dining room door. However, after he goes to check on Mr. Charleston in the bathroom, the next shot shows the dining room door closed.

Correction: Because of the fact that there are two of every room, (which, by the way, makes no sense at all) the rooms involved in the situation are Charleston's room (CR) 1 & 2, Dining room (DR) 1 & 2, AND hallway (H) 1 & 2. all the guests are in DR1, Charlston is in CR1, and Sam is in H1. Sam opens the door that leads to DR2, which is empty, and never shuts it. he turns and opens the door to CR2, and it is empty. My theory is that he walks into H2 when he leaves CR2. Opens the door to CR1 and finds him, but never checks the room, so he is still in H2. To the acual correction, the door in H2 that leads to DR1 is closed, because it is a DIFFERENNT door. Sam also mutters to himself, "I never remember closing this door."

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Question: What does Milo Perrier mouth to Jessica Marbles as Benson-mum spoons out the "soup" during dinner? I can't read their lips.

unkajes Premium member

Answer: According to the script, she is mouthing "I think he's lying."

Answer: "I think he's lying."

Answer: No, he mouths "I think he's blind." It's right after the scene where he tests that. The Marbles character responds "who is?"

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