Dead Presidents
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Skip: I'd rather be home with a fucked-up hand up in some pussy than to be out here healthier than a motherfucker without it... Shit.

Kirby: Everyone in this town knows I've only got one leg. And that motherfucker grabbed the wrong one.

Cleon: It's better to check out than to go home all fucked up.

Anthony Curtis: Ya'll may think I'm crazy but I just want to do something that's different.
Skip: Well, gettin' your fuckin' head blown off is different, haha. Hey man, turn that shit down and slow this mother fucker down, ain't nobody in a hurry to get to school.

Skip: I was born by the pussy, I'll die by the pussy.

Plot hole: Jose is the only one carrying the bag of money, then he gets killed, in the next scene Anthony and the others have the bag on the table though none of them were carrying one besides Jose.

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Suggested correction: Kirby and Klingon were both running with bags of money.

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