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Corrected entry: On the full screen side of the DVD, go into the 2nd special features menu. Click left twice to highlight the CIA symbol. Hit enter for the gag reel.

Correction: I've checked, and there are no easter eggs on the second side.

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Correction: He could have gone into a branch which would make him flip over.

Corrected entry: When Cody puts the nanobots inside his shoe, they start to melt immediately. When the ice is placed on Natalie's forehead at the end of the movie, it takes several minutes to melt.


Correction: The reason they melted so quickly is because he had been wearing the shoes for at least an hour or two. In less then an hour the shoe temperature gets really hot. Also, when he went to put his shoe back on the roof he crushes the ice inside the shoe.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rhonica Miles walks into the boys' changing rooms, she snaps a towel at one of the boys who cat-calls and jeers her. When she snaps the towel at the boy, his own towel, which is around his hips, falls off. He quickly picks up the towel so not to reveal himself and then sits down and puts the towel over himself. If you look closely, the boy has a pair of underpants on. This means that he a) shouldn't have had a towel around him in the first place and b) was putting his towel around himself as quickly as he could and then sitting down to cover himself for no reason at all because he had a towel covering himself.

Correction: Many people do not want to be seen in their underwear, which though not as embarrassing as having nothing on, is still embarrassing. This isn't a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When Cody says, "Ice cubes, that's how they're doing it..." He says this as a surprised. It shouldn't be, since he saw the nanobots in the form of ice cubes in Connor's house.


Correction: He is not surprised that the nanobots are in ice cubes, but he suddenly realizes how they're going to get the them into the military facilities without anyone noticing them.


Corrected entry: Look at the scene where Rhonica Miles is telling Cody to go call Natalie now, then listens to him over the phone via a phone bug. Cody doesn't have the phone on, and at some points he's not even talking into it, but Rhonica Miles can hear everything he says. Even if it was a bug in his room, not on the phone, it wouldn't work, because Rhonica Miles could hear Natalie answer too.

Correction: He could have the phone on, he just doesn't have number dialed yet, and if I know phones, some can pick up noise pretty well and you don't have to talk into it. And there could have been a bug in both the room and the phone.


Corrected entry: When the professor and his client leave the lab, they leave the ice cubes with the nanobots in plain sight on the table. They wouldn't be so stupid to leave the ice where it would melt.

Correction: The ice cubes weren't just sitting out in the room with out any coldness. They were being kept cold by the liquid nitrogen.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Hillary Duff is in the glass room after she was kidnapped, she is wearing a different outfit from the one she was wearing when she got kidnapped. Where did she get the change of clothes from?

Correction: The change of clothes was provided by E.R.I.S. If you look closely at her jacket, it has the E.R.I.S. symbol on it.

Corrected entry: When asked what the nanobots can destroy, The scientist guy says, "Anything silicon or carbon based." Steel is iron and tin based, so the nanobots should not be able to affect it, as is seen so often.

Correction: Steel is iron with carbon added. The amount of carbon differs from the different alloys of steel, but is usually between 2-4%.

Continuity mistake: When Cody is trying to save the child in the car, it shows a shot of a railroad guard descending to prevent traffic from coming onto the train tracks. However, when Cody manages to stop the car, it is almost hit by the train and the guard is not there.

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Natalie Connors: You know, Cody you make a really bad first impression and a terrible second impression but the third time was really good.
Cody Banks: You gotta see my fourth.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, when Cody and his girlfriend sit on the car at the beach he is called by the CIA. Listen to the ringtone of the cellphone - it's the same as from the "Our Man Flint" series, perhaps best known now for being used in the Austin Powers movies. (01:35:26)


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Question: Why did they take Cody off the mission just because he was defending himself from some bullies? Also, why did Cody lie to Natalie by saying he was taken off the mission because he became too close to her?


Answer: The fight with the bullies made the school paper and drew unwanted attention to Cody which could compromise his mission. Cody lied to Natalie to try and impress her.


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