Samson and Delilah
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Samson: What is sweeter than honey?
Semadar: What is stronger than a lion?

Samson: Your arms were quicksand. Your kiss was death. The name Delilah will be an everlasting curse on the lips of men.

Samson: A man must marry where his heart leads him, little mother.
Hazelelponit: A man's heart can be blind, son.

Prince Ahtur: This Samson has some unknown power, some secret that gives him superhuman strength. No man can stand against him.
Delilah: Perhaps he'll fall before a woman. Even Samson's strength must have a weakness. There isn't a man in the world who would not share his secrets with some woman.

Samson: I prayed for an angel of the Lord and the Devil sent me you.

Saran of Gaza: He was not captured by force of arms, but by their softness.

Teresh: Out of the strong came forth sweetness? Hah! The fruit of the date palm! The tree is strong, and the fruit is sweet.
Semadar: Teresh, what on earth you feed date palms to make them eaters?

Samson: The oldest trick in the world. Silk trap, baited with a woman.
Delilah: You know a better bait, Samson? Men always respond.

Continuity mistake: Samson, now shorn of his hair in the tent, is surrounded by men holding spears. The camera shot shows this. A different angle and the spears are nowhere as close to him and are lower.

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