The Order

Corrected entry: Officer Dalia Bar appears to have vast jurisdiction. She starts out as an airport officer in ben-gurion (near Tel-Aviv) and winds up as a Jerusalem Police officer, with people to command and all. How fast a transfer from airport police to Jerusalem Police.

Correction: As an Israeli police officer, I have been sent to assist in Ben Gurion airport security many times. Besides, when Van Damme arrives at the airport, Dalia mentions that the security has been reinforced lately, which might explain what she was doing there. Perhaps filling an empty space for a day, or just assisting someone.

Continuity mistake: After Van Damme gets shot, he climbs a wall and the female cop helps him by pulling him up the ledge. From the bottom view, the wall has a straight ledge but from the top view, there is a big groove cut out from the ledge where Van Damme climbs over. (00:52:54)

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Cyrus: Apparently, stubbornness is an ingrained family trait.
Rudy Cafmeyer: It beats a messiah complex any day.

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