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Corrected entry: Since when does a Japanese Audi have its steering wheel on the left-hand (from interior view) side of the car, like in cars driven in the United States? In Japan, the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car.

Correction: Don't quite see the mistake there. If you really want to, it is absolutely no problem to get an Audi in Japan with the steering wheel on the left-hand side. Maybe Chihiro's father was so proud of his foreign car, that he deliberately chose this version to have the genuine "German car feeling"? As far as we don't know, this can not be regarded as a mistake.

I agree with this. I rewatched SA recently and noticed the "mistake" and figured it was to show their status. Also figures why it was so obvious that they were driving an Audi, all just goes along with the parents being gluttonous.

Corrected entry: When Chihiro and her parents discover the passageway, it is a solid plaster entrance, painted red. However at the end of the film, when they return to the car, the passageway is made out of grey stone. (00:02:55 - 01:55:10)

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Correction: This is not a mistake. It is a plot device. The passageway is not made of plaster when it is not magically active. It also normally doesn't lead into the Spirit World. Only when it is active. - Jacob.

Corrected entry: Just after Chihiro returns to the baths after the sun has set, she begins to fade away. As Haku feeds her a seed to help her revert back to normal, he has his arm around her yet seconds before she was able to pass through him as though she was a ghost.

Correction: Haku could still see Chihiro. He could just be puting his arm around where she should be, so that when she turns tangible again, his arm would already be there.

Corrected entry: When Chihoro leaves the room with the massive bath in it, the herbal soak water had flooded, and the herbal soak tokens were strewn over the floor. But when she returns with the bad smelling monster, the tokens are in a basket, and the room is no longer flooded. (00:55:30 - 00:58:00)

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Correction: Although Chihiro accidentally let the bathwater overflow, she had plenty of time to turn off the water and pick up and put the bath tokens into the basket before Yubaba summoned her to help the Stink Spirit. And as all Bathhouses have drains, the water on the floor would've drained by then.


Corrected entry: Lin tells Chihiro that pulling the rope will turn on the water, then pulling it again will switch it off. Chihiro leaves the room, with the water still going, but when returning with the bad smelling spirit the water is off, and she didn't pull the rope. (00:54:25 - 00:57:55)

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Correction: Chihiro could've stopped the water at any time whilst Yubaba was discussing the Stink Spirit with other staff members, just before Yubaba summoned her to help it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chihiro and her parents are walking across the rocks toward the abandoned theme park, her father says, "It looks like they were going to put a river here." The rocks are piled up and there is water running through them, indicating that it was a river that was dammed. Error in translation?

Correction: Its hard to consider this a mistake as there is no proof that the rocks were being used to dam up the river. It simply could have been that they never removed the rocks. As the father states he thought it was a abandoned theme park. The other explanation is that when Chiriro sees all the water the current could have moved the rocks there and that would explain all the gunge on the rocks when they walk across the rocks.

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Continuity mistake: Kamaji bangs the work surface, causing a chopstick to fall to the floor, but in a following shot both chopsticks are back in the bowl. (00:23:00)

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Zeniba: Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can't remember.

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Trivia: The idea of having the bath house workers clean the river spirit came from an experience Hayao Miyazaki had when he was younger, where he helped clean a polluted river and one of the items removed from it was a bicycle.

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Question: Due to the Audi having a left side steering wheel, Chihiro's father being brown haired and overweight (rare in Japan), Chihiro having a whiny nature, her confusion of work responsibility, and her parents eating food with gluttonous abandon (all stereotypical American characteristics), could Chihiro have been the product of a Japanese-Anglo American mixed marriage? It would explain that the reason for her exposure to the spirit world is to broaden her Japanese heritage via work ethic, gratitude, maintaining calmness, understanding hierarchy, and belief in the existence of iconic yōkai.

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