Tears of the Sun

Factual error: In the final fight scene, you hear members of the SEAL team yelling "Grenade!" before chucking a grenade. They are supposed to yell "Frag out!" as yelling out "grenade!" is a warning of incoming enemy grenades.

Factual error: During the movie Tom Skerritt is seen talking to the SEAL team from the carrier's flight deck. That's impossible; command & control operations are being performed from the inside of the ship. Besides, roar on the flight deck would be so loud making it impossible to hear each other.

Factual error: At the end of the movie when Willis calls in the F-18s for an air strike we see them engage the rebels by firing a couple of AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles at the ground. This is wrong because an AIM-120 is a air to air missile only. The warhead on the missile is only a few pounds and doesn't produce the cluster munitions like effect that they show. It would have made more sense if the 18s would have dropped a couple of CBU's (Cluster Bomb Units) instead.

Factual error: After the platoon killed the rebels in the village, Monica Belluci takes care of this severely injured woman and tells the "Doc" to pass her morphine. We see a close up and discover that she has a discreet but visible make-up. And that after days in the jungle.

Factual error: At the very beginning of the movie, when the reporter is describing events in Nigeria, the 'footage' shows Kine 3 & 4, a movie house in Harare, Zimbabwe during the riots of 1996. (00:02:05)

Factual error: They say that they'll land right on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, however, the Amazon is located in Brazil, not Nigeria. (00:05:50)

Factual error: The SEAL team communicates with the commander on the ship with a man pack VHF/UHF radio. Not only does the radio man not erect the antenna but it would not be possible to communicate with the ship using this type of radio because it is a "line of sight" radio designed for ground to air communication. The commander on the ship uses a satellite phone to respond, it is not possible to use this type of radio to communicate with a satellite phone. Also, the Lieutenant doesn't use the push to talk button on the side of the microphone and uses the radio more like a telephone, the equipment simply doesn't work that way. The time is from the director's extended cut. (00:58:35)


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Suggested correction: I took a look again after reading this. The radioman isn't carrying a LOS (line of sight) radio such as a SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground Air radio System) based on the antenna it looked like a possible sitcom or (more likely) a HARRIS radio. I double-checked and it's most likely a HARRIS AN/PRC 117. That's a radio that uses the ionosphere to bounce transmissions giving really long range. Also, the HARRIS has a capability to operate more like a phone so the user wouldn't have to use the PTT.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film, Tom Skerritt is on the same aircraft carrier as the fighter jets, but right after the jets bomb the enemy soldiers, Tom Skerritt arrives in a helicopter. There is no way that a helicopter is just as fast as an F-18 fighter jet. (01:44:25)

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