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Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)

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Continuity mistake: DMX uses his Porsche to slide a dumpster into the vehicle following him, staying in contact right up to the impact, so by rights the back of his car ought to be wrecked, but in all the scenes afterwards when we see his Porsche, it doesn't have a scratch on it. (00:31:30)

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Plot hole: When the "black diamond" is being turned into its dangerous form, the arms dealers get very excited. Yet all they actually see is a very pretty laser show. There is nothing to show that the object really has any destructive power. Arms dealers make their fortunes by being cautious and smart. They shouldn't be so quick to accept the claims of the bad guy and bid money on possibly useless stones. (01:18:20)

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Su kicks Christophe over the couch, Christophe moves from the back of the couch closer to the step when Su places his foot over Christophe's throat. (00:06:15)


Revealing mistake: During the cage fight, Su breaks a man's arm. We can see the break, however we can also see his real arm hidden under his shirt. There is a big lump under the fake arm. (01:01:30)


Other mistake: When Tommy and Archie are in the tank keeping the arms dealers distracted, Tommy turns his head to see what the noise he heard is(Vanessa breaking out of the van), allowing the laser technician to get behind a dual .50cal machine gun. However, it takes about 25 seconds for the laser technician to get to the gun and for Tommy to look at him. Tommy should have only glanced at the noise, but instead he looks and stares at it for a long time - 25 seconds. He would have easily seen and heard the technician going for the .50cal and had 25 seconds to pull the trigger and kill him. (01:22:00)

Continuity mistake: When Fait goes to see Jump in prison, you see Fait almost go after him when he tells Fait to make another little girl. Jump is sitting in his chair and he brings his cigar up to his mouth when he says "Drama". The camera angle changes and the cigar is no longer near his mouth. The camera angle changes again and the cigar is back in front of his mouth. (00:42:56)


Continuity mistake: When Fait's daughter gets the key to the van, she drives the van in the warehouse crashing into a number of items and you see the front of the van getting damaged. When we see the front of the van again right after Jump gets killed in prison, the front of the van shows no damage. (01:12:03)


Visible crew/equipment: At the airport when Sona says to Ling "We may have a problem," we can see the movie crew reflected at least twice in her sunglasses before they enter the car. (00:18:05)


Factual error: If they used Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the safe door and crack it open, they would certainly not have opened the door by pulling on it with bare hands/flimsy leather gloves, without leaving half of the skin on their hands behind. (00:09:30 - 00:10:40)

Revealing mistake: During the brief few shots where Fait is pulling out of the hotel parking lot, you can see that the sky is blue. The special effects production forgot to add in the night sky on the blue screen.

Other mistake: When DMX makes a backflip on the wall being chased by the dog, you can see that it's fake. He's walking about 7 feet up, and the dog is walking the wall like he's walking on the floor. And suddenly when the dog falls, the bags appear out of nowhere. (00:29:35)


Visible crew/equipment: When Fait is being chased through an alley, a motorbike jumps over some boxes and a van. We can see the ramp which the motorbike jumps from at least two times. First from an above shot when the motorbike jumps, and from inside a police car when it stops right in front of it. This ramp wasn't visible when Fait drove by. (01:04:00)


Continuity mistake: When DMX jumps into the building through the window, you can see that the view outside isn't real but only a photo/visualisation. (00:54:55)

Continuity mistake: When DMX takes the quad, he's almost on the other side of the street until the two guys notice he took the quad. They should've heard it as soon as DMX started the engine. (01:01:05)


Continuity mistake: Right after Su kicks the personal guard of Jump in the jail cell, you see Jump put his cigar back in his mouth and start to open his newspaper, but when the camera angle changes the cigar is no longer in his mouth. (00:43:26)


Continuity mistake: When Fait's partner goes to jump over the barbed wire fence, you see a pole that is directly under him. The camera angle changes and as you see him jumping over the fence the pole is no longer there. (00:51:47)


Continuity mistake: When Ling is trying to escape from the aircraft hanger in the helicopter, the helicopter loses stability and he sees Su hanging on the landing gear and you see the landing gear start to raise. Then in the next shot he tells the pilot to raise the landing gear and you see the landing gear start to raise again.

Continuity mistake: When Fait spots the Navigator following him, he speeds up in his car weaving in and out of traffic. He comes up to a mini van in the right hand lane and then goes into the left lane where you see a side panel van about 20 feet in front of him in the left lane. The camera angle changes and the left hand lane is now seen with no cars in it, which allows him to speed up even more. (00:28:02)


Factual error: When Fait is driving away from the Navigator, he waits until a police officer is just out of sight before he turns away. When he turns away, his car makes a loud screeching noise that the policeman would have easily heard.

Fait: What's your name anyway?
Su: I am Su.
Fait: Yeah, and I'm Sally.

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Trivia: Among some of the cage fighters are Randy Couture and Chuck Liddel, two real life cage fighters in UFC.


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Question: Did anyone notice that the sky during the scene where Fait and Ling are driving across a bridge is particularly deep blue? I can't decide if that's a really deep blue sky or it's a blue screen without the sky added in.

Answer: The whole scene shows them driving on the bridge obviously shot from a helicopter. The whole sky is blue, so unless they had a very large blue screen, then I would say NO. Besides that scene is supposed to represent night-time. Therefore it's supposed to be the glow of the moon.


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