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Factual error: Deer are not repelled by the smell of human urine, and in fact it does not have "a" smell - it has many. The smell of human urine varies enormously based upon diet, health and environmental factors so that no wild animal could possibly be scared of them all. Even if Lou didn't know this (and everything about her character suggests she should), Doctor Stone would - he is a doctor, after all.

Continuity mistake: As Doc is driving out of town near the end, he stops to help Mary, who is having a difficult birth inside the family station wagon. Doc backs up and parks his car, the front-end is partially across road. While he assists with the birth, a large truck is fast-approaching, only Doc's car is now sitting all the way across the road when it gets hit.

raywest Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Doc Hollywood first enters the room to save Dr. Hogue, the doctor has both hands on the table. The camera angle changes to a front view and Dr.Hogue now has one hand on his chest and one on the table.


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the diner, where the Mayor and the City Council are trying to talk Michael J. Fox into becoming the town's replacement doctor, watch for the disappearing/reappearing ketchup bottle as the camera angle changes. Several other items on the table move around as well.

Plot hole: Why would Michael J. Fox be driving through South Carolina if he is traveling from Washington D.C. To Los Angeles, CA?

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Suggested correction: He was traveling south first, then west, since he's moving to Southern California.

Greg Dwyer

Any highway route I was able to find (using Google Maps) that went through even the northernmost tip of South Carolina, added a minimum of 4 hours to the cross-country trip (43 vs. 39 hours). While I know that they didn't have Google Maps (or even MapQuest) in 1991 when "Doc Hollywood" was released, AAA and other travel services did have software and maps to advise people on best routes when travelling long distances...and if you didn't consult them, everyone who travelled had advice. Using I-40W across America was (and still is) the most direct route, and goes nowhere near South Carolina. In other words, if he went through SC...he either intended to-for some reason not stated in the film-or he was lost, driving randomly through the rural South, taking the "scenic route", because he was further south off the "best route" (and main roads) than a simple detour due to construction could have caused. He would have had to start off going in the "wrong" direction from the beginning.

Suggested correction: Why wouldn't he travel by air? Faster, simpler and probably cheaper. When I was transferred from our head office in London to our branch in York I drove via Torquay in Cornwall, Bounewouth in Devon, Cardiff in Wales and Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Look that up on Google Maps if you like. I was having fun, travelling about and seeing the sights like all tourists do. That's what Doc Hollywood was planning to do.

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Question: Why do the Owens go to the doctors to have their mail read? Even a small town like Grady would have a librarian, not to mention they certainly have friends who can read.

Brian Katcher

Answer: That's just the long-standing relationship they had with Doc Hogue and assumed it would continue with Dr. Stone. Hogue was more than a doctor to the town folk. He was a strong father-figure that everyone felt they could go to for a variety of reasons. Also, this is a comedy film, so the characters and their situations are deliberately cliched and quirky.

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