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The Scout (1994)

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Corrected entry: Al makes a promise to Steve that, if he signs with the Yankees, he won't have to pitch unless the team makes it to the World Series. But players aren't allowed to play in the post-season if they're not on the 25-man roster by the end of August.

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Correction: There's no mistake here, just because Steve would have to be on the 25-man roster doesn't mean Al wouldn't lie to get Steve to sign.


Corrected entry: During the World Series game at the end of the movie Brendan Fraser gets up to bat. Pitchers do not bat when the game is played in an American League stadium.

Correction: The DH rule in the American league ALLOWS a team to send up a batter for any player it designates (it does not have to be the pitcher). However, this rule is optional - not mandatory. In a World Series games played in an AL ballpark, both teams have the right to take advantage of the DH rule; they do not have to. Therefore, Brendan Fraser certainly can come to bat even though he is the pitcher. Obviously, the New York Yankees did not exercise their option to use a DH in this game.

Continuity mistake: When Al and Steve are eating in the restaurant in Mexico, the food on Steve's plate keeps on changing positions as the camera angle changes and Steve's not touching it.


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