The Scout

The Scout (1994)

10 mistakes - chronological order

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Deliberate mistake: When Al is looking through the binoculars, Steve's Yankee logo on his jersey is on the wrong side. (01:25:00)

Continuity mistake: When the doctor is telling Al her diagnosis, the pencil on the clipboard disappears and reappears as the camera angle changes between her and Al.


Continuity mistake: After Al sees Steve he takes him to a restaurant to eat. Right after Steve signs his last autograph he picks up a napkin in his right hand. The camera angle changes and the napkin is no longer in his hand.


Continuity mistake: When Al and Steve are eating in the restaurant in Mexico, the food on Steve's plate keeps on changing positions as the camera angle changes and Steve's not touching it.


Continuity mistake: When Steve throws the last strike in the World Series, the catcher and umpire are seen getting pushed back a few feet by the power of the pitch. The umpire is seen falling behind the catcher but when the camera angle changes the catcher is seen lying on top of the umpire.


Continuity mistake: When Al and Steve are on the roof of Yankee Stadium, you see Steve throwing his glove down and when the camera angle changes he glove is back in his hands.


Plot hole: In the World Series game at the end of the movie, the scoreboard shows that the game is scoreless up until the very end. But Brendan Fraser is portrayed as an amazing phenom who hits home runs every single time he comes up. He obviously failed to hit a home run the first few times up in that game.

Continuity mistake: During the first doctor visit, the doctor asks Steve what's wrong and you see Al start tugging at his shirt, but when the camera angle changes his hands are on his lap.


Continuity mistake: When Al goes to the park to see Steve for the first time, a cart gets knocked over and the guy sitting next to Al gives him the pig leg he is eating twice as the camera angle changes.


Audio problem: When Steve is at Yankee Stadium during the tryouts, his wooden bat makes the sound of a metal bat.

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