Shock Treatment

Shock Treatment (1981)


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Betty Hapschatt: Look at that, Bert Schnik's dancing! Bert can see.
Judge Oliver Wright: Macabre, isn't it? The blind leading the blind.

Janet Majors: I need some young blood, I need some young blood. I need it now.

Betty Hapschatt: Oh, Ralph.
Ralph Hapschatt: Yeah?
Betty Hapschatt: Shove IT.

'Rest Home' Ricky: Legs like mine were meant for dancin'. Oh, look what I did to my Id.

Frankie: Cheerleaders: They call us the goody goody two shoes/ We're here to cheer you with the good news/ That D-E-N-T-O-N gets T-E-N/ That's ten out of ten.

Brad Majors: You're a dead-end, dead-beat, nowhere mister with a kisser like a Mississippi alligator's sister.

Brad Majors: To Farley: I'm as sane as you are! Saner.
Cosmo: To Audience: And he was only with us for one day.

Oscar Drill: I spent a lifetime on deposit, and that's a long time in the closet. And when you say to me 'How was it?' it was hard taking that heart-breaking godforsaken route. But now I'm b-b-breaking out.

Other mistake: Towards the end when Janet, Brad, Oliver and Betty are singing "We're going to do it anyhow," as they are dancing down the aisle, Betty very visibly trips and grabs Oliver to stop from falling over.

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Trivia: When Betty and Ollie are talking in their office (and Ralph and Macy come in), look carefully at the table all the way to the left. There's an issue of Time Magazine that says "Cult Classics," with a picture of The Rocky Horror Picture Show's famous red lips. (That film was the predecessor to Shock Treatment).


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