Question: What is the name of the song that comes on when Ben Affleck wakes up and turns on the radio?


Answer: Hang on, by Seether.


Question: What is the song playing when Bullseye kills Electra's father. If there were two separate songs, the one when he's riding the motorcycle.


Answer: This was one song, it was "The Man Without Fear" performed by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie.

T Poston

Question: According to the IMDB, Colin Farrell's sister, Claudine, appears in the bar scene when we first meet Bullseye. Having never seen her before, I was just curious: which one is she?


Answer: She's at the bar, standing next to the guy who Bullseye's playing against (and ultimately kills), wearing a blue and yellow sleeveless top.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: What song is playing when young Matt is practising/training?


Chosen answer: "Right Before Your Eyes" by Hoobastank.

Sierra1 Premium member

Question: What's the name of the song that plays in the pub while Bullseye's throwing darts?


Answer: Top of the Morning to Ya, by House of Pain.


Question: So is Elektra dead? It seemed like she was still alive, but then again, she could very well be dead, as Daredevil sees her heart stop. And if she is dead, how does she get brought back to life in the spin-off "Elektra"?


Answer: Elektra is dead, at least when DD sees her heart stop. If you had actually seen Elektra the movie you would have known the she is reserected that same night by her future mentor, Stick. Thus leading to the probablity that at the end of the movie when Murdock finds the brail pendent (which says "Elektra", btw) that she has been brought back from the dead at that point, at least for a few days.


Question: Since DD's hearing gives off a radar-like sense, what is his field of vision? 360 degrees? 180? Only in the direction he is facing?


Answer: Field of vision is a relative term. he can "sense" everything going on around him, just as we can hear everything around us. He can simlilarly filter out background noises to only "see" what he is "focussing" on.


Question: When Matt Murdock becomes blind his other senses are enhanced. Is this possible in reality?

Answer: Not to the extent in the show, of course, but it can absolutely happen to an extent: https://www.livescience.com/58373-blindness-heightened-senses.html. In short the brain is quite "plastic" and good at redirecting its resources where needed. Not being able to see can "free up" brain power and improve other areas. Only up to a point, of course.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Not blindness, but the same principle applies. I know a deaf comedienne that doesn't like people to use flash photography at her shows because she relies on her eyesight to help compensate for her diminished sense of hearing, and the flashing can mess with her senses.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Since Matt Murdock is blind, how did he get his Daredevil costume?

Answer: More than likely, the priest has been helping him.


Question: What was the song that was played during the love scene from Daredevil?

Dayna Tran

Chosen answer: Lapdance by N.E.R.D.


Question: Do someone know where can I get a clear picture of Elektra's charm? I want the pic or a replica of the charm that she wears that is in Braille. Please help me! Thanks.


Chosen answer: There is a replica of the one she wears at these two websites: http://www.moviereplicasdirect.com/marvel-elektra-pendant-prop-replica-from-limited.html. Also http://www.amazon.com/Elektra-Pendant-Replica-Jennifer-Garner/dp/B000RJ76XI.


Question: If Matthew and his partner are paid so little, how does he afford the high-tech equipment in his apartment? I doubt that whoever made his sleeping-pod thing would have accepted sports equipment in payment.

Julie Wegner

Chosen answer: They accept whatever payment their poorer clients can offer. That doesn't mean they *don't* get clients who can pay the going rate for legal representation.

Phixius Premium member

Question: Is the braille text that appears at the start of the film (then transforms into the opening credits) correct?

Moose Premium member

Chosen answer: In short, yes, it is.


Question: What is the song playing when you first see the Kingpin, in the tall building?

Answer: It is "Lapdance" by N.E.R.D. feat. Vita.

T Poston

Question: What did Elektra's necklace say?

Answer: If you're talking about the pendant that's a long, thin rectangle; it's her name, "Electra", written in lowercase Greek letters. They used "chi" instead of "kappa" so that her name has a "c" in it instead of a "k." (epsilon lambda epsilon chi tau rho alpha).

Daredevil mistake picture

Factual error: When we see the burning 'DD' in Joe Pantoliano's glasses it is not a reflection. The DD should be backwards in his glasses. (00:26:55)

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Matt Murdock: Excuse me? Do you have any honey?
Elektra: [reading paper.] Right in front of you.
Matt Murdock: Could you be a little bit more specific please?
Elektra: [looking up.] What are you...
Matt Murdock: Blind? Yes.

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Trivia: There is a funny scene in between the credits of Bullseye in the hospital, so keep watching when the credits roll.

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