A young boy named Matt Murdock becomes blind ,wakes up in the hospital with newfound powers.All the rest of his senses are working at superhuman sharpness.The most astounding of all these super senses is his sound ability gives off a radar sense which allows to "see" when there is sound going across the room.This sense is more accurate than human sight!When Matt's father is killed when Matt is a child, he must learn to fend for himself.When Matt grows up he becomes a lawyer,but when the moon rises he prowls the night looking for innocents to rescue as Daredevil.When a new villian who is a master marksman arrives in town,Daredevil must learn to use his abilities to their fullest extent or die trying.Can Matt stop a king pin of crime while trying to keep up with a new relationship and be in time for work every day?You can either look at the ending or see the movie to find out.

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie we see that Matt has many visible scars on his back. But when Matt Murdock and Elektra are having sex in the bed there's a shot of Matt turning over onto his back, and almost all of the scars are gone.

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Question: What is the song playing when Bullseye kills Electra's father. If there were two separate songs, the one when he's riding the motorcycle.

Answer: This was one song, it was "The Man Without Fear"performed by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie.

T Poston

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