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Factual error: When we see the burning 'DD' in Joe Pantoliano's glasses it is not a reflection. The DD should be backwards in his glasses. (00:26:55)

Factual error: When Matt Murdock is looking at Elecktra in the rain, he can make out the irises and pupils. This wouldn't be possible for two reasons. Irises and pupils have no depth that could be sensed through his radar sense. Even if they did, he could only see them if the rain was falling straight into her eyes, which would be quite painful and highly unromantic. (00:49:20)

Factual error: When Elektra's father is killed, she picks up what appears to be a Glock 19 and empties it in the direction of Ben Affleck. We hear the weapon click a few times indicating it is out of bullets, but the slide is still in the closed forward position, and it should be locked back when it goes empty.

Factual error: Does anyone else find it odd that there were not only one but three window washer baskets hanging on the side of the building? How did the window washers get out of the baskets halfway up/down the building side, jump? Baskets are never left hanging on the building side because 1) it is unsightly and 2) it presents a potential for damage to the basket/building if a high wind or something comes along. They are stored on the roof top where they are secure. They are controlled from the roof or the basket to keep vandals/thieves from gaining access to the baskets.


Factual error: When DD pulls Bullseye's hands to take the sniper shot, no bullet would make a hole that fine. It would have blown his hand off, due to the force of the bullet. There was an explosion when the bullet makes first contact on his skin.

Factual error: A few seconds into the fight between Kingpin and DD, the Kingpin grabs DD and throws him against a wall (horizontally, shortly after the vertical throw). However, the point in the arc at which the kingpin lets go would send DD to the left of the camera. DD flies to the right, as if the Kingpin had held on longer.

Factual error: When the sniper shoots through Bullseye's hands he holds them up and there is smoke coming from them. Bullet holes don't smoke (unless you get shot with a tracer round and traces of phosphorus are still burning, but that is not the case here). (01:25:35)


Factual error: When Bullseye is flying from the UK to New York, the exterior shot of the plane shows a Boeing 737 (you can tell by the flat-bottom engine nacelles), but the interior shot of the stewardess shows they are in a widebody plane, which a 737 is not. Also, while not stated, the implication is this is a transactlantic flight (UK to NY), and the older 737s with the flat-bottom nacelles (the "classic" models) cannot fly that distance. (00:56:20)


Factual error: After Matt beats down King Pin, he throws a rose off the roof and says. "This is for you, dad." The rose then spins and falls in various positions, hitting petals first on the ground. This would not be how it fell. The petals are light, and the stem heavier. Plus, the petals would have more air resistance. The rose would have fallen stem first the full way down and landed on that.

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Factual error: Even with a highly sensitive sense of smell, Matt could not possibly have smelled Electra walking down the street towards the diner that he and his friend were sitting in. There was no evidence of wind, as judging by her hair, and she had not even opened the door yet. Without wind, the air particles, which would carry her sent would follow behind her in a wake. They could not have gotten to the door ahead of her without wind, much less get though a closed door for Matt to smell her.

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Factual error: Someone already mentioned the dates on Matt's invitations are different, but if July 24th was supposedly on a Saturday, then there's no way August 13th could be on a Wednesday.

Factual error: When Bullseye is shot through his hands by the sniper, he spreads his hands with the palms straight outward. This would be impossible, because since the bullet went through the back of his left hand and come out the back of his right hand, the bones of his fingers would be bent accordingly. The fingers on his left hand would be bent backwards, while those of his right would be unable to open completely.

Continuity mistake: When Daredevil kicks Bullseye off his motorcycle, Bullseye has nothing in his hands when he's flying through the air, but when he lands he's holding Daredevil's baton. Watch closely when Daredevil's kick connects, and you can see they never even come close enough for Bullseye to grab the baton, or for him to snatch it if it was dropped. (00:59:40)

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Kingpin: I'll tell everyone what you are.
Daredevil: Yeah, tell them you got beat by a blind man too.

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Trivia: There is a funny scene in between the credits of Bullseye in the hospital, so keep watching when the credits roll.

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Question: What's the name of the song that plays in the pub while Bullseye's throwing darts?

Answer: Top of the Morning to Ya, by House of Pain.


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