Corrected entry: How is Murdoch able to get all of the prescription pain killers he's seen taking at the beginning of the movie? Is his doctor aware of his secret identity? Certainly someone taking the amount of drugs he's taking, and suffering the type of injuries he receives regularly, would encounter some serious questions if he went to an emergency room. Blind man receiving large doses of painkillers...superhero who keeps his eyes covered up and regularly engages in fights with dozens of people...wouldn't his doctor or pharmacist at least *suspect* something?


Correction: Hell's kitchen is a rough place with a lot of violence and killing - Matt dresses very well and he's obviously blind so if a mugger wanted money he'd be a pretty easy target, so he has a lot of excuses for his injuries and therefore his needs for pain killers.


Corrected entry: Putting aside the dubious notion that Daredevil would have a handy supply of lighter fluid, alcohol, or gasoline with which to spell out his initials on the floor of the subway station, how did he know in advance that someone would ignite it? His superhuman senses don't include precognition.

Correction: It was the reporter who ignited the DD, so it's possible this has appeared at other crime scenes and it was expected.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daredevil is having sex with Elektra, there's a bed in his apartment. Why would he need a bed if he's sleeping in that tank of his every night? Judging from the message we hear, he doesn't seem like the type to bring anyone to his apartment.

Correction: Still, if anybody were to come into his apartment it would be better for him to have everything look normal. If he slept in a tank and had to tell someone it might become obvious that he has amplified senses of some sort.

Corrected entry: The scene where Bullseye kills Electra's father. First Bullseye kills both drivers. Then he has a mini-fight with Daredevil outside. Electra's father comes out to see what's going on and that's where he gets the baton...well my question is what on earth was Electra doing in the car the whole time? I mean her father had common sense enough to go see what was going on, why didn't she?

Correction: After Daredevil arrives at the scene you can see Natchios lay down Elektra on the ground. So she seems to be kind of unconscious.

Corrected entry: If Daredevil was so bothered by the bell ringing in the church and the train squealing in the subway, why is he not bothered at all by the machine gun shots in the bar?

Correction: The train and the bells are long, sustained, extremely loud, and stay pretty much on the same pitch. The machine gun shots (and loud music for that matter) are shorter and are almost like little bits of sonar. With sounds like the explosion and the bells, his hearing picks up echoes off everywhere, and since the tone is the same, it confuses the heck out of him.

Corrected entry: How was Matt able to sleep after having sex with Elektra, if he wasn't sleeping in his soundproof steel chamber to block out sounds of the city?

Correction: He might just have been really tired...

Corrected entry: Kingpin hunts Electra because he kills his enemies' family. So why did he let young Matt survive?

Correction: He doesn't kill young Matt Murdock because he isn't the Kingpin yet, he's just hired muscle.

Corrected entry: So the secret of Daredevil is safe because the reporter deleted his story? What about the that his blood would be all over the church as well as where he and Elektra fought?

Correction: True, his blood would be at the fight scenes, but unless he is a suspect they won't be able to match the blood up with him. As with any forensics the physical evidence can only be matched against suspects or a database, i.e. fingerprints of convicts, etc.

Corrected entry: In the court room scene, Murdock cross examines the alleged rapist, in what is supposed to be a criminal trial, even though he isn't a government attorney, i.e., a prosecutor. Additionally, the victim is sitting at the table with Murdock's partner, Nelson, which would only occur at a civil trial.

Correction: The rape trial may be a civil trial if the victim chose to sue the rapist, even if it might derail a potential criminal trial (as it seems to here) because she wants to be compensated and prove his guilt by preponderance evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt.

Corrected entry: Whereas Matt would have gloves on when in his costume, he would have been touching it without gloves when it was his walking cane. Thus, his finger prints would have been on the cane that killed Electra's father and taken by the police, leading them to arrest Matt.

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: Not only does Daredevil have several walking sticks, but if Matt Murdock's fingerprints are not on file then they would have no way of identifying them, even if his prints were lifted.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: Since Daredevil does not have superhuman powers, he, like Batman, would not be able to fall off buildings and land the way he does (same for Electra and Bullseye). The leaps he takes and the landings he manages in this movie are just impossible for a mere human, even if he is a super hero. Balance has nothing to do with it.


Correction: First of all, Daredevil does have superpowers. His 360 degree radar sense (depicted as a 'sonar' in the movie') that enables him to sense everything around him, as well as his superhuman hearing, smell, touch and taste. Secondly, this entry falls into the "suspension of disbelief"-category. If one can accept that a blind person "sees" objects by how sound vibrates off them, and another can throw a straightened paper clip as a deadly weapon, it is not a long stretch to accept that they are able to take long falls. In addition, DD has more than exceptional balance, but is also a master acrobat and martial artist, trained by a blind ninja master in a fictitious art emphasising toughness and acrobatics. All this makes him capable of impossible stunts.


Continuity mistake: When Daredevil kicks Bullseye off his motorcycle, Bullseye has nothing in his hands when he's flying through the air, but when he lands he's holding Daredevil's baton. Watch closely when Daredevil's kick connects, and you can see they never even come close enough for Bullseye to grab the baton, or for him to snatch it if it was dropped. (00:59:40)

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Kingpin: I'll tell everyone what you are.
Daredevil: Yeah, tell them you got beat by a blind man too.

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Question: What's the name of the song that plays in the pub while Bullseye's throwing darts?

Answer: Top of the Morning to Ya, by House of Pain.


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