Correction: The fight started on top of an apartment building, note the clothesline, it's reasonable to assume that three people jumping around and breaking windows at night would make enough noise to get the police called on them by the tenants of the building.

Corrected entry: When Bullseye stabs Elektra, we can see that the sai enters upwards through her stomach and the protrudes through her upper back (as is seen by the stretching of her outfit). However, when he throws her down onto the next building, as she's rolling around, we can see an exit wound (a small bloody hole) in the small of her back, between where her shirt and pants don't cover up her back.


Correction: That's not a wound, that's the blood that dripped down from the wound on the upper part of her back.

Corrected entry: When Electra is in her room practising her techniques to murder Daredevil, her hair is in a tight plait down her back. When she finishes her hair is COMPLETELY undone.

Correction: I can braid or tie my hair and use tons of hairspray and gel and it will be undone completely after 15 min of cleaning my bathroom so it is not inconcievable for her hair to be undone after more physical activity.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene in the church where Daredevil and Bullseye fight, they do various abuse to the church organ. Organ pipes are most often made of a rather soft lead/tin alloy that simply would not stand the beating, banging and climbing they are subjected to.

Correction: By saying that they are "often" made from a soft alloy, you are implying that there are exceptions to the rule, in which case the pipes in this movie could be made from a stronger alloy.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: I think that OSHA would really love to find the building with the window washer baskets. All of the baskets seem to fall apart when Double D lands on them. They'd make a fortune in fines.


Correction: Not every company keeps their equipment in proper, safe conditions. It's hardly a movie mistake if a company is too lazy to make inspections on their units.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Electra's father gets killed Bullseye kills the chauffeur and body guard and the limo crashes into the truck. How does the dead driver open his door to fall out on the ground? (01:01:28)


Correction: When Bullseye throws the shurikens into the driver's and the bodyguard's necks, we see them turn around and shout somehing to Elektra and her father. Since they crash shortly afterwards, we can assume the driver wasn't quite dead and was trying to protect Elektra and her father.

Corrected entry: When Matt is walking up the stairs to meet Elektra at the party, he sees her face in the smoke and also the smoke that someone blows in his face, yet he is only supposed to be able to see be able to see via soundwaves.

Correction: No, his sense of smell is heightened as well. He can "see" that way as well. But the only way to convey either of these senses to the audience is visually, so it looks the same to us.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bullseye kills Elektra's father with Daredevil's staff, we see Daredevil jumping to grab the staff. There's an explosion, and we see echoes of the staff in Daredevil's 'vision'. We then see the scene from the opposite angle, as anyone else would see it, and it's obvious that Daredevil would miss the staff, even without the echoes.

Correction: It's not a movie mistake for a character to be unsuccessful in trying to catch an object.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Fallon is talking to Jack "The Devil" Murdock before he goes to fight, they show a few shots of young Matt Murdock walking, and on the ground in front of him is the shadow of a head with devil horns.

Correction: Too obvious to be considered trivia.


Corrected entry: Why does Matt Murdock carry the identical baton he uses as Daredevil? With it's bright red handle and gold insignia wouldn't it make more sense to have two different styles, even if he wants both to be able to do the same thing? That's how Ben Urich figured out who he was. That's kind of like Batman using his utility belt to hold his jeans up.

Correction: This is a character decision, and not a movie mistake. One reason could be that Matt felt a need to accessorize for the gala event and brought the fancier-looking cane. He never expected to lose it or for it to be closely examined by anyone else. (Who would take the cane from a blind man?)


Corrected entry: When young Matt first discovers his powers, he strikes a guy wire and proceeds to slide down. You can see the restraining wire holding him up. (00:12:10)

Correction: That's not a wire. It's a straight line going from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. Seems like a damage on the film roll itself.


Corrected entry: In the shot of Electra before they take off their jackets in the playground, Electra's eyes are not green. They're blue. (00:34:55)

Correction: This is likely just a trick of the light, rather than an actual mistake. Jennifer Garner has brown eyes, and wore green contacts for the role. It's unlikely that blue contacts would have been substituted by mistake.

Corrected entry: Through the entire finale (battles with Bullseye and Kingpin, day at the coffee shop, etc.) DD shows no signs of having had a sai run through his shoulder. Not bad going considering that that single wound was enough to almost kill him earlier.

Correction: The wound didn't almost kill him, but the shock of it made him weak for a short period of time. After all, he doesn't exactly have the easiest time defeating Bullseye. But by the time he faced off with Kingpin, he had gained enough control to "tune out" the pain and was also running off of a lot of adrenalin.

Corrected entry: When Daredevil is confronting Quesada in the subway, he's hurt by the sound of a passing train. Considering what they've shown us of his hearing ability, why did he not hear the train coming until it was right next to him? Logic would suggest that he would have heard it quite a while before it got there.

Correction: He probably did hear it, it just wasn't loud enough to be painful.

Corrected entry: In the final shot where Daredevil jumps off a high building, he shoots his grappling hook upwards. Why would he hook himself back up from where he jumped off? It doesn't make sense. If he were merely doing it to swing somewhere else the angle of his rope would not likely give him any leverage.

Correction: Daredevil did this to slow him self down so he would not fall to his death as he jumped off the building.

Corrected entry: During the fight with Daredevil in Fisk's office, Fisk is screaming in pain, but his mouth is closed. (01:29:55)

Correction: There is no mistake here. It is possible to scream while gritting your teeth as is the case with Fisk. In fact, this is usually what Michael Clark Duncan looks when he screams in all his movies.

Corrected entry: In the one of the last scenes, Ben Affleck is talking to his friend in a coffee shop. A woman walks through the door, and Ben decides to leave to take a walk. He grabs his jacket from the chair. However, when he's walking, he is not carrying or wearing the coat. Where did it go?

Correction: When Matt leaves the coffee shop to get some air, carrying his jacket, he's wearing a black long-sleeved top with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. When we next see him walking, when he finds the good-luck charm, he's wearing a purple short-sleeved top - the two scenes don't follow on directly, it's probably not even the same day. Slightly confusing editing, but not a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kingpin is about to fight DD he takes off his some of his clothes but then the clothes disappear.

Correction: Judging from what we see of him, the Kingpin is a neat and tidy individual. Although it cuts directly from one scene to the next, some time passes in between Fisk removing his clothing and Daredevil arriving - he's had enough time to put those clothes away somewhere. Wouldn't want to get blood on his carefully tailored suit jacket and waistcoat.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Although Daredevil can hear bullets loading into chambers and the triggers of weapons being pulled, he still wouldn't be able to move Bullseye's hands into the path of the sniper bullet since he would have no idea where the bullet was headed. He could have been moving into the bullet's path for all he knew.

Correction: He would assume that the sniper was shooting at their head and moved the hands into that location just in time (swapping head for hands).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben Afflek is fighting Jennifer Garner on the playground, Ben throws his cane towards the bench behind him. After Ben also throws his coat onto the bench, the camera goes to the cane falling down from the sky. In this shot, Ben catches the cane (still falling).

Correction: Ben throws his cane up, not on the bench, then takes off his coat and puts it on the bench. By the time he has taken off his coat and put it on the bench, then cane has fallen down to him and he catches it.

Daredevil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the movie we see that Matt has many visible scars on his back. But when Matt Murdock and Elektra are having sex in the bed there's a shot of Matt turning over onto his back, and almost all of the scars are gone.

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Kingpin: I'll tell everyone what you are.
Daredevil: Yeah, tell them you got beat by a blind man too.

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Answer: Hang on, by Seether.

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