The Hours

Trivia: In the novel, Clarissa walks past a street where they are shooting a movie starring Meryl Streep. In the movie, Meryl Streep plays Clarissa.

Trivia: In the scene where Meryl Streep is talking to Richard's ex-boyfriend, the tap goes off and water starts spraying out. In the DVD commentary, it says that that wasn't supposed to happen, but Meryl handled it well so they left it in the movie.

Trivia: In order to get appropriate facial reactions from little Jack Rovello (young Richie) at Dan's birthday dinner, director Stephen Daltry shot his closeups while telling him stories and fantasies and later edited in Dan's and Laura's shots to create a seamless sequence.

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Trivia: When the seating chart for Richard's party is shown, the name of "The Hours" author Michael Cunningham is in the middle.

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Trivia: Julianne Moore was not pregnant during all of the scenes where her character, Laura Brown, is pregnant. However, during the last scene with Laura and Clarissa, when Laura has been aged to an elderly woman, Julianne was seven months pregnant (as this scene was reshot one year after the rest of the film was completed). In the scene with Laura and Julia, after Julia hugs her and Laura says, "Goodnight, Sweetheart", her pregnancy is actually quite noticeable.

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Trivia: As Clarissa enters the flower shop, Michael Cunningham, the author of "The Hours", is walking toward her on the sidewalk.

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Continuity mistake: When Laura comes down and her son and husband are having breakfast, there is a cup on the table on the opposite side of where her son is sitting. When it cuts to her husband saying, "Morning honey" the cup is gone. (00:11:10)


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Vanessa Bell: Your aunt is a very lucky woman Angelica. She has two lives. The life she is living, and the book she is writing.

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